Collar back armor. I need help


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hey brother, check out what i did for mine in my harness thread...

go down to the second set of pics, and you can see how i have the collar and backplates connected...i bought some collar studs from Serenity, aluminum, and they work perfect! the collar studs in the pics are made by me, prior to that purchase...let me know if you need any more help...


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Short answer: Yes. The collar plate slightly overlaps the back plate.
I'll see if I can find a good pic from the archives.

Edit--found one. This shows the overlap.

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Hey SJ, looking at the picture you posted I stumbled about those two green screws that go through the cape.

I have seen other shots to know there´s a green metal plate below it.

Could you tell me for what reason they did this?

Can´t imagine what this would be good for ... ?

Thanks for any hint. :)



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I didn't realize this as well. Looking at Fettdad's pics and Superjedi's picture, it looks to be a choking hazard. Is this the case?


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A choking hazard? Well, I dunno about you, but the armor pieces are a little too big to fit in my mouth, so I'm not really worried.


Are you talking about how the parts fit around your neck?