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Have to give credit where it's due. Blueprints worked perfectly and scaleable to boot!! I'm very thankfull for Wizardofflights efforts and skills. Can't wait to start the Jet pack. What an asset to this community. Fits like a glove and now I just have to wash it and weather......Voila!!

Kripps, you make this look too easy. There are going to be a lot of frustrated costumers trying to match your work. I can't wait to see your completed costume. (y)
psberetta said:
Showerstall ? :confused

You mean like the style that you glue to the wall ? If so do you boil it and mold it like sintra ?

Yeah I guess I've just been using a small Propane torch to heat it and bend it. I call it styrene-ish because regular old testors model glue bonds it extremely nicely. I layer it for thickness and have had awesome luck with it so far. Made my helmet, chest armor, shoulder bells, and cod (working on the knees now) out of it. Might have enough to do the JP. We'll see.
I'll probably end up buying the back-plate because this stuff doesn't seem to like seriously complex curves. Use what you got, that's what I say.
Check your local sign shops. That's where I was able to find it locally. They use it for signs for businesses. If they don't have the size you need, they can usually order it. If not, you can order it online. A lot of members have had success with
I'm in NH and I got this Sintra info from someone on the 501st NEG. Palco Plastics in Whitman MA has Sintra and Styrene sheets and they are pretty cool and the prices are good. I understand that most people use the 1/8 inch Sintra for their armor and that is what I got, in black, and it's working great so far! Call Palco or just drop in, ask for Tony if the person thatyou speak to doesn't know what you are talking about, he helped me. He even cut the 4x8 sheet in half so I could transport it easier. 4x8 sheet 1/8" thick was $30.

Kripps, how'd you get the front raised on the cod?
Christo Fett said:
Kripps, how'd you get the front raised on the cod?

I just cut out 4 of the center pieces and made them.....hollow so I could dent the outermost sheet. Filler around the edges and down the bottom part...and that's it.
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