clown3y's GMH to ESB conversion


In the next weeks and months, I will post my GMH to ESB conversion progress in this thread.

I love Star Wars prop replicas with proven lineage to original pieces. Therefore, it was inevitable for me to get a GMH at some point. I got this one in November from Wasted Fett and finally had some time to start working on it in the last few days. I was unsure whether I should go the PP2 route or modify it to make it look like an ESB helmet, but since it's such a great piece, I figured that it would be a waste not being able to troop with it.

First, I did all the prep work, glued screws into the ears, polished the stalk a bit and so on. Nothing too exciting.



After that, cut out the visor, added the wavy brow (damn, that took a long time), filled in the PP2 damage and added (some of) the ESB damage. This is where I'm at now:



Before starting the painting process, I still need to do some filling, install the visor, dremel out the Borden and do some other stuff that I can't think of now.

I look forward to showing you more!


Looking good Mario !! Are you planning to paint your own helmet?
Thank you! Yes, I will. I've spent a decent amount of time mixing MM colors and after like several dozens of mixes, I found some good solutions for most of the colors. Though I'm not happy with my red and purple mixes yet :D