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Hey Soft Parts fans. I'm cleaning up the threads because "soft parts" is MA HOUSE!
So... bear with me. And, I'm tired.

Oh and for the potty mouths, if anyone wants to use bad language, I'm replacing colorful words with things like "poopie pants", "stinkoid" and "pretty pansies". So if you don't want to be quoted in a Jumpsuit thread as saying "Holy pretty pansies!!" please keep it clean. And read the Code of Conduct
Thanks. :D
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I am cool with that. However I am guilty of the bad mouth syndrome myself when I have had bad dealings with aweful prop folks - - -that should not justify using bad language though. Aside from that, I am - - -any parent would be pleased by this Mandalorians hospitality!

I agree with these terms i never swear. But i did something in the past that i'm not proud of. I changed i thought this up and know i'm a better member here. As a mandalorian i shall obey these rules.

( just to say: Man lilburndiablo thats one sweet set of armor i'm impressed. (y) )
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