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Our group has some excellent crew and spotters but at troops sometimes you have to seek the assistance of someone to fasten the vest ,fit the back armour and crucially, hang the jetpack , I find the best advice is to hold the jest pack with the side facing out and stand at the side holding the pack and try and get the rings in the metal hooks then drop it onto the two metal lugs at the bottom. Is there a knack or method that makes fitting the pack easier for someone not used to assisting
So far the only person I trust to hang my jetpack is my son. The method you described is pretty much the way he does it. I usually do it backed up to a bed, couch, etc. just in case it slips. Once it is on though, it will not come off without some work. Whoever does it, you pretty much have to teach them prior to doing it. It helps if you do it with the harness and back armor off of you in a mocked up fashion and show them how it is supposed to fit together. At least that’s my experience. I’m sure others have their methods as well.
I have had countless helpers on all my troops wether its my wife, best friend, or random can walk anyone through the process as long as there willing to listen and help. Definitely a two person suit up. I'm still trying to find ways to make it work by myself I have a few ideas.
Agreed with the above. The Fett costume is definitely a two person job to get into. I would say I can get about 90% of the way myself, just need help with the last steps. The only parts I need assistance with are:
1) Routing of Jet Pack Harness straps through the Flak Vest.
2) Getting the Flak Vest on nice and tight.
3) Getting the Cape locked down on the Collar Stud. (I could probably do this myself, but at this point, since I got helpers...)
4) Getting the Wookie Braids attached to the Shoulder.
5) Getting the Right Gauntlet Hoses hooked up to the sleeve.
6) Getting the Jetpack on.

If I'm going out solo, I found that I can drive with all this on (minus the Jetpack) and like Krewkid82 mentioned, I've had no problem finding that random bystander willing to assist Boba Fett in getting his Jetpack on. For my Man of War Studios Jetpack Harness and Full Metal Fett's rings and hooks, its just as easy dropping the hooks onto the rings and gravity does the rest!

Getting out of this costume I can 100% do myself. It takes a little bit, but I can do it!

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