Chest lights! (pic)


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Got them yesterday and bought a battery to test it today!
Looks awesome:):) Thanks, Shackman!
The slots should be bigger and i will need to trim them a bit, but besides that it fits fine:)

Thanks for the great review Micke, and glad you like them. Your armor's looking good. :)

Matt, no fear. I'm heading home this evening, and will be staying up late to knock your out this evening. They will ship out either tomorrow or Friday for sure. :)

Thanks again all,

Got mine last week. I don't have my
Boba armor made yet, so I just stare
at it like a deer in headlights...
completely mesmerized! :eek:

They are SO DAMN ROCK'IN!!! :)
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Yep, if i cut the slots and make'em bigger i will have to re-paint it:/:/ Then again i might have to upgrade to FP's armor;) Ho ho...This project is gonna cost!

Thanks guys!

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