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*UPDATE 4/23*
I'm going to send the emblems to those that have paid today.
To those that have not paid yet:
tteF aboB
I will send them as soon as I receive payment.

*UPDATE 4/22*

I'm still waiting on a few more payments, so that I can send these off tomorrow all at once, thanks guys.

I see a few here that have not received ROTJ or ESB shoulder decals, PM me soon and I'll include it, courtesy of me and Ego:D

To those that have paid, I'm sorry for making you wait (PM me if these are needed sooner).

*UPDATE 4/21*
I just finished printing these and they are ready to go. I'm just waiting on the info. and payments of those that are signed up and then I can send them all out together.

I printed up a few extras so it's not too late for those who have not ordered:D
Again, please include your TDH name on your pay-pal note section.

I'll be working on another project next;)


*Update 4/16*
I have had some more interest from people who want some of these and missed out on the first run. I'm considering printing more of these next week, so if you want to sign up for them, post them here.
Include how many you want and weathered or clean.
(I still have a few more ESB shoulder emblems left that I could include if you didn't get one yet, again thanks to Ego:D ROTJ and ESB version 2.0 is still in the works;))

1)Halo_1: (1)Weathered;)PAID
2)Han Hunter: (2)Weathered PAID
3)CBT Fett: (1)Weathered PAID
4)Hammerhead: (1)Weathered (ESB shoulder)PAID
6)tteF aboB: (1) Weathered
7)Mandalorian: (1)Weathered PAID
8 )Journeymanprotector: (1)Weathered PAID
9)Fettpride: (2)Weathered PAID
10)Bobo: (1) Weathered (ESB shoulder) PAID
11)b.fett: (2) Weathered (ROTJ shoulder) PAID
12)geoffett: (1) Clean (ESB shoulder) PAID
13)mbmcfarland: (1) Weathered (? shoulder) PAID
14)Maxplague: (1) Clean PAID

*For those who have received them and have not posted yet, please do so, just so I can keep track:D


*Update 4/10*
I just dropped these off at the post office:)
Let me know when you receive them. I threw in a bonus or two:D
By the way, you can weather these before or after you remove the border around them.

When removing the emblem itself, be careful not to rip off the ends of the "wheat" and make sure your fingers are clean so that no dirt will go on the adhesive side of the decals.

Like the shoulder emblems, you can apply these using the dry method making sure you slowly apply it and press down the decal from top to bottom or visa versa.
You can also go the wet method by mixing about a teaspoon of water with a touch of dishwashing liquid (not much, literally a touch:)) and wetting the adhesive part of the decal thoroughly as well as the area you will put it on. Place it where you want, place the backing of the decal on it shiny side down (so hopefully you didn't throw it away) and squeegee it with a credit card until all the water is gone. Let dry and you're done!

*Update 4/09/03*
(By the way while I was stuffing the envelopes, the amount I printed was just enough to fill all the orders I had with one or two extras. So for those who missed out, if there is enough interest, I might do another run.)

I put in the decals today and these are ready to be mailed, but I don't think I can make it to the post office in time, so I might have to send them off tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks everyone:D

Finally got around to printing some of these:D. Here are the final pictures (1)clean w/ first color (2)clean w/final color
(3)weathered (4)ref. picture
The pictures shown is a few shades darker than the actual paint color, but the new color is pretty close to the ref. picture)
The clean version is $4.25 and the weathered version is $5.00 shipped:)
My Pay-pal address is
Please include your TDH name on the note section.
Again you have to provide your own misting of spray paint for more weathering and you can also use matte spray to kill any shine.

Please include which one you want and how many.
The first 10 who order gets a corresponding extra of the first color I printed:D.
As promised:
2.Ego: Weathered (1)PAID:)
3.Defiler: Weathered (1)PAID
4.Nerf-herder: Weathered (2) PAID
5.Rogue Studios: Weathered (3)PAID
6.BobaFettish: Weathered (1)PAID
7.mlcallanta: Weathered (1)PAID
8.Bountys Hunted: Clean(1) Weathered(1)
9.Jedi-Bob: Weathered(1)PAID
10.Spanky: Clean(1) Weathered(1) PAID
11.DarthVader1: Weathered(2)PAID;)
12.Jango's Kid: Weathered(1) PAID
13.Bobagoat: Clean(2) PAID
14.Crisisfilms: Weathered(1) PAID
By the way here is the picture of my new screen and my 16 year old brother's handy work:angry
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I'm in....but could these be sent internationally?
I could have my cousin in hawaii pay you Paypal if thats okay?
Need one (weathered) for my new armor :)

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Mardon, how about I trade you one of these for a jet pack?
. . .a guy could always dream:D

No problem about your cousin, just tell him/her to include your name or TDH name in the notes section.
Just e-mail me at the same address as to where to send it.
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I will send most of these off hopefully tomorrow, so if you want yours shipped this time around, please send payment soon:).
As always, I will include some extra goodies with them:D.

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Sure Ely!
I'll trade your weathered decal for my jet! hahahaha! :)
Seriously thou, thanks! I'll give you a buzz thru e-mail & will inform my cuz about it.

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What, Mardon? No trade?:cry Well, didn't hurt to ask:D

I still have a few shoulder emblems left, so to those who ordered a chest decal, tell me whether you want a shoulder emblem as well, ESB or ROTJ:D
Last edited by a moderator:, me, me! :)
I havent made shoulder armors yet - but it wont hurt having some decals first :)
All ESB decals please.

I'll give you a buzz thru e-mail & tell me cost.
Thanks Ely!

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