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Cheep Gaunts

Hey everyone i just started making some gauntlets for my bounty hunter costume does anyone know how to make them cheeply because i dont have to much money to spend on these?
How cheap do you want? I've seen some guys on a really tight budget make them out of big plastic cups. Just cut out the bottom, add a little paint along with a few parts and "whallaa!" instant El' cheapo Gauntleto. You could go to your local sign shop and ask for any plastic scraps (sometimes they will give them to you for free) If you get sintra you could cut and bend and make a nice set of custom gauntlets.
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i just started them i made the base out of some drain pipes and i plan to get some sintra soon and so far there looking better than i thought.
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Hey, by the way if you want a rocket pack I have one on Ebay "Super Cheap"
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