Cheap Flak Vest


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Hi I am fairly new to this site mostly I have been reading posts.But now have begun building my very first costume I've already made my armor(will post pics later) and I need a cheap easy way to make a vest I dont care about accuracy now because I dont really have the money to go totaly accurate (Im only 15)and I will build a new set when ive got more cash.

Very hot and sweaty you will be. Use satin or material that can breathe. Use an old tee-shirt or pullover, trim the sleeves and have mom stitch the vertical shoulder lines.

ACSS2 wrote:

I am only 15 also an I just bought some vinal and am going to sew a vest pattern. Total cost $20
I probably will got to something cooler next time. Just trying it to see if it will work then make a good one. Any suggestions on what to use?
I will just recommend you use a breathable non stretch cotton blend, if you use a regular shirt when you put the armor on it, it will stretch the material and the armor will sag down and look really bad.
My very first one was a sweatshirt, it was quite thick and held the armor very well. I just cut it here and there and put some velcro up the back.
I am going to high res scan the pattern I have and will make JPG/PSD files and post them online sometime soon. My scanner is on the fritz, so I have to take them to a friends.
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