Casio MQ-1 Vintage Calculator questions

Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by TinSnips, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. TinSnips

    TinSnips New Member

    Hi all,

    Saw a vintage Casio MQ-1 Vintage Calculator, so thought I'd find out more about it :)

    How many members have one of these? Are there many around, and is someone doing remakes?


    (Modified original post!)
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  2. ymisopoor

    ymisopoor New Member

    Great find - thanks for sharing! Not sure if posting the link is kosher, but it shows up in a search on eBay so need for the link anyway.
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  3. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Hi TinSnips,
    Actually, a portion of the TDH rules states:


    Posting information and/or links to a live online auction (i.e. Ebay, Yahoo!, etc) is prohibited except when you are the seller in the auction.

    Just a heads-up for you. (y)
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  4. TinSnips

    TinSnips New Member

    Bugger! Alrighty, well if any mods need to remove it then no problem! Just wanted to share the find :)
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  5. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Well-Known Member

    there's actually a good reason for not allowing Auctions to be posted if they aren't yours...

    It really screws over the guy that found it and wants to get it cheap when everyone knows about it.
    It drives the price up unnecessarily.
    That's why.
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  6. TinSnips

    TinSnips New Member

    Original post modified. Sorry guys, my mistake! Still curious to learn about the calculator though :)
  7. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Well-Known Member

    the Calculator contains 3 found parts (so far)
    1. The keypad for the left gauntlet
    2. The "guts" for the back of the helmet
    3. the battery door cover for the gauntlet.
  8. TinSnips

    TinSnips New Member

    Reminds me of how the original Millenium falcon model had bits from a range of model kits :)
  9. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Well-Known Member

    These are mine:

    sorry, cellphone pics.
  10. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    i have had a few. Ended up selling all of mine as i needed money for bills n such at the random times ive sold them, except the one i dismantled to use the parts as ILM did on my own personal suit. I do plan to get another one to keep intact.

    To answer your questions, They are hard to find, but not SUPER RARE, they do come up on e-bay from time to time. They usually range from about $85-$150 depending. I have seem them go for as little as $35 bucks on occasion though....timing is everything i suppose lol.

    A few prop makers here (including myself) make replica key pads and circuit boards off of the real MQ-1.

    It really is pretty cool how they used so many parts off of models and electronics for alot of the suits in the Star Wars universe. Everything from IG-88's head, to the "t-bits" on biker scouts bi-cep armor. So many things, and very cool to discover, and even cooler to obtain and use on your own suit!
  11. Paul

    Paul New Member

  12. Gionny

    Gionny New Member

    Where do get my hands on these?
  13. intwenothor

    intwenothor Active Member

    Come up on eBay with relative frequency. Prices vary.
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  14. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Got one for $50 a few weeks ago...
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  15. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    £15 from eBay ....."buy it now "....I couldn't press the button fast enough lol
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