cardboard gauntlets!?!?



since i last posted about my gauntlets(about 2 days ago) i've constructed light cardboard gauntlets,(and very weak as you might think)they're basically held together with tape, hot glue, and a layer of drying paper mache as i type this. i haven't had much of a chance to play with sintra to much, i was wondering, seeing as it conforms so nicely to other things(haven't be able to try this, just ordered more sintra tonight to play w/) would i be able to 'mold' some sintra over top of the cardboard 'frame' and come out with a nice gauntlet(depending on the detail i've already done and how the sintra works out)i've constructed the basic shape of the right gauntlet so far, not much detail, it was pretty boxy now it has those nicely rounded edges i made w/ paper mache.

so basicaly, would i be able to 'mold' sintra over this frame and come out with a nice form? has this even been played w/ before? sheesh i wish i had money to build a vacuum forming table....
thanks again guys
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Well, here is an idea, since you are willing to try stuff, you could build a rough sintra model and use some Bondo to spread over it. You would need to kinda sand it into the shape you wanted, but it would be stronger than cardboard and paper mache, and hold up better.
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I'd do the exact opposite. Make the base out of Sintra which is sturdier than paper mache' or cardboard, and then build up on top of it. Just remember: paper mache' + too much water = mush
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yea i cleaned up the gauntlet and decided to just stick with it how it is, it came out reasonably strong, i'm just gonna hang w/ this(just like my makeshift jet pack) until i get enough money to buy a nice kit....i'd pot pics...but i don't know how:(
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I found that making a set out of cardboard was a good ref. for making them again out of sintra. I cut out all the pieces and just taped them together. Changes are easy to make, and when they look right take them apart and use them for sintra templates.
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cardboard gaunts!?!?

I've taken a leaf out of Secols book (BTW sorry to here about your loss matey :( ) and made myself some cardboard gauntlets.
They're hardly :lol: movie accurate:lol: but they cost next to nothin and as me and the wife are expecting our first baby soon I will probably have no extra cash for about ooh 18 years.
Anyway here they are what do you reckon:


I believe that I would proudly wear these if they were mine. That's a great job. The fact that they're cardboard is plain icing on the cake.
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Awesome origami Fett UK!!!! Have you sealed them properly for moisture protection?
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I've sprayed them with silicone spray, that will hopefully help a little. I will just have to try not getting them wet (which may be difficult living in the UK)
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Pretty nice, I may have to look into that
when I get ready to do mine. Very innovative.

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awesome(y) if you didnt tell me they were cardboard woulnd have no idea.great job(y)

now you have to tell us how u did it:lol:
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:eek:2 WOW those things are cool!!! I would never ever ever ever *gasp for air* be able to tell those are cardboard (except for the tip of the rocket. U definitely gotta post a tutorial :D
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Wouldn't it be cool if FU could sell the idea to Dixie(c), and they could make these and put them in those tubes like on a water cooler for paper cups. Think of the dubloons to be generated with a tube at every door to a con. :)

PS....I was going to change my abbreviation, but after typing it out, the UK part was even less acceptable. :lol: :lol:
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