Can we start an accuracy REF pict thread ??


I was reading through the board and see friendly requests for referance picts .
Can we start a thread with good shots of undersuit/vest details like number of stitched rows on parts and measurements between rows, etc...details like that .
I think it would help alot of people get their costumes or displays more accurate , and make everyonehappier with their efforts... time permitting...:)

Watcha think??

Yeah, thats a great source.
I was thinking more along the lines of measurements people have worked out that compare accurately.
Like spacing between rows on the upper sleeves etc...

I see. I think that's been discussed, and the general feeling was that 3/4" was acceptable for that particular measurement. There are 14 lines of stitching giving 15 segments.

Most things have been discussed and they are around, but I agree it would be a handy guide to have all the info distilled into one thread.

Hey thanks for the info :)
Yeah, I think it'd help alot of fetts to have a consistancy thread for these issues instead of people here and there replying, especially for those sewing their own parts. I assume its easier to attack these details before sleeves etc.. are attached to the suit.
Most of the info you are seeking is already here, somewhere. It may take a little searching, but you'll find it if you scroll though the Soft Parts forum.
I do alot of searches on the boards, the main prob is that any picts that were in posts arent there now.
Has anyone found a site everyone can keep picts on so everyones threads, archived or not stay intact ?
Mr. B,

Unfortunately, many hosting companies do not allow "hot-linking," basically allowing an image hosted on site to be posted directly on another site, due to bandwidth leeching.

So what may be a reliable host now, may not be tomorrow.

You can always try to contact the author of the thread to see if they have the image saved. Of course if the post says "anonymous," you're kind of stuck.

We've tossed around the idea of "comprehensive facts" page or post, but something that is considered "absolutely solved" could change in five minutes or five days. However, we are looking into making "sticky" FAQ post for each section that would address fairly static Fett facts.
That would be great !!
You could just put- ASSUMED TO BE ACCURATE AS OF- and the date
I think theres alot of knowledge here and if newbies like moi' had a starting point referance page it would cut down on the repeated question posts each week. To which all the Fett veterans have to repeat their reply posts too

Unfortunately I want to do the least concrete referance available version for my Fett,.. Empire !! But there are a number of things similar to both versions

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