Can anyone post pic comparing a MHK and a regular DP??


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Hi, can anyone please post pictures comparing the size of the MHK and a reguler DP?? I would like to have an idea of the size of the Mistery Helmet Kit, thanks.


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I think Lynn had a picture of them, but they are just red X's now since Printroom nixed their photohosting. Maybe he'll repost them via his new photohost.


I'll have to save those now that I have a new dependable computer. That way there will be a backup source! :)

For what it's worth, the regular DP is a fair bit smaller, and the Rubies Jango will almost fit inside the MHK. :p



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Thanks Sarge, I just have one question. When you say regular DP is a bit smaller, do you refer to a DP Delux or regular 95,96,97 DP. Thanks.


When he said regular DP, I can only assume he meant the regular DP, not the deluxe one. And aren't all the regular DPs the same size, regardless of year? I realize the shapes are more out of whack on the 97, but I think they're the same scale at least.