Can ANYONE make rangefinder displays

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Since Bobo hasn't been able to be tracked down as of yet to make more rangefinder displays I was wondering if ANYONE is up to the task. If I had a more broad range of electronics experience I would love to take up this project...alas I don't.:facepalm

Since alot of hollow rangefinders are in hand since the last run I'm sure most of them have sat idle with no electronics to go in them....somebody has got to have a knack for this ....maybe "hyperdyne" will jump in ;)

I think there are two that flash on top, and one that stays on for the front-side of the view screen, and yes a mercury switch to cut it on when it is in the down position.
Forced Trekker said:
I think there are two that flash on top, and one that stays on for the front-side of the view screen, and yes a mercury switch to cut it on when it is in the down position.

What he said :D I think Bobo's "front-side" light was green...
Can I have confirmation before I look into it?
2 alternate flashing green on the front and 1 steady green on the back which activate when the range finder is down?

(easy peasy lemon squeezy)
what sort of space have I got to work with?
looks like I will have to buy a hollow range finder from Bobamaker.
There are two red on "top" of it and one green on "bottom". Let's make sure we communicate the right colors and number of LED's if this is picking up steam;)

The only time we see the bottom of the rangefinder lit is during the Slave 1 cockpit scene in ESB. One can see a slight reflection as he turns his head. The light appears to be white. I'm not sure where any green LED comes into play. :confused

Bobo used green because I had a friend that I worked with install a mercury switch with blinking red LEDs and a solid green LED in mine 3 years ago. He emailed me a bunch of times with questions about how mine was rigged. He asked for pictures and everything. Next thing you know he was selling them in bunches. That's where the green light came from. I thought it looked cool so I had one installed and Bobo did the same. I just wish I had been able to get a little thanks from him at the time. I never heard from him again after I sent him the pics. Oh well... :rolleyes


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OK, so 2 alternate flashing red leds at the front and a dull white glow at the back to simulate a small screen.
I suppose the white light can go on the pcb so it will be visible if you have a window as above.
I'll let you talk about it further and look into making a few. (possibly powered by a cheap watch battery or something so there is no need for external wiring.
Mine didn't have external wiring... that was just to test it before it was completed. It ran on a small battery that looked like a AA but battery I think.
The best part about Bobo's setup was the mercury switch. The connection was made as the circuit board inside the finder tipped forward (to the 'down' position), and the lights came on. This was rather ingenious, as the lights went out as the stalk went back to the raised position.
Hey guys,

If you remember, I made a rangefinder display many moons ago before there were popular. It had the 2 red LEDs that blinked and a pinging sound that was triggered with a tilt switch. It used watch batteries and fit in the old hollow rangefinder stalks. I could add a small white LED to the back display no problem too.

If there is some interest I can certainly resurrect that project. I would need at least 5 people to commit to buying one before I could get a batch made. If this pans out I can go back and find my pricing sheet on these. From what I read I would do the red LED sequencing and add a white LED to the back. That LED can be static, blink at a different rate, or even fade in and out.
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