Calling Out Cruzer!!!


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I mean who does this guy think he is anyways! Not only does he have the audacitiy to tackle one of the hardest pieces of the puzzle, the backplate, but he SENDS me one & asks for critiqiuing. C'mon, where will the madness end!:lol:

Here it is in all it's glory & with a quick mockup with my armor. If you are on the fence about this then time to hop off & pick one of these up while they are still available.

tdh 1.jpg

tdh 2.jpg

tdh 3.jpg


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You guys need to stop this!! Everytime I think I am close to done, BAM something better! Looks great gus!! :cheers


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I concur, I have the backplate and it rocks as well as the BKBT armor!

Speaking of Cruzer, anyone heard from him lately, he seems to be absent, hope things are ok?

Katua Fett

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:love man i wish i didnt miss the day when he started that run and it filled in 2.2 seconds. Great job with it. :cheers Cruzer is deff an artist of the fett era


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Ok, I'm blushing.:eek: But the backplate is just one small piece in that amazing ensemble pictured!(y) Great job BKBT!(y)