Is Cruzer still around? Who are the trusted vendors for Jango gear?


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I don't see too many stickies for Jango vendors in comparison to Stormtrooper threads on or even Boba Fett threads.

Prepare yourself for a bunch of questions!
  • Who are the vendors now for 501st accurate leather goods for Jango like the holster, girth, and ammo pouches?
  • Who are the vendors for good Jango armor and helmet? BobaMaker and Cruzer?
  • Who is the jetpack vendor? BobaMaker and Man Of War? (Potentially Anovos, but I don't trust them)
  • What about soft parts? I know BobaMaker makes flight suit and flak vest. As well as you can buy a Dickies jumpsuit and dye it. Is there a thread with an accurate "blurple" dye or do we just wing it?
  • Is there a thread with the paint we need to use for Jango or is it just "medium" blue and a "light" blue?
  • What about the silver paint for the armor and what product to weather it with?
  • What about the more random parts, like connecting the armor to the cod plate? The jetpack harness?
  • I was able to find the boots by CrowProps.

I see in a lot of old threads there is Seeker and Cruzer. Do they still make these pieces?

I assume most of this is somewhere, but it doesn't seem like there is a consolidated sticky with this information. As well as a lot of the threads I find are like 10 years old. I couldn't find anything on either.


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I'm not sure where Cruzer went but he makes good stuff. BobaMaker is good too. Delta Leatherworks is also good.

Jango Armor-DC Props, BobaMaker, Cruzer, I am also working on Jango armor but for smaller folks.

Anovos may someday release that jetpack and it will be the go-to for fett jetpacks.

Soft Parts- Arkady makes soft goods that are premium quality but has some wait time. You should make your own WIP thread and have others comment on it that will provide advice, just try to match the screen pictures to the best of your ability.

Rustoleum Royal Blue and ocean blue Krylon short cuts is the go to for jango colors.

The armor is just coldcast, no paint needed unless you buy resin armor. Then you should use Rub n Buff to make it silver. But coldcast is just the easier option. You can weather it with literally anything! Old grease, mix up some brown and black and dap it with a brush, or some oil on the armor.

I sell the part that connects to the cod plate but cruzer includes this with his belt. Jetpack harness is sort of hard to find, people usually make it out of an old backpack but DC props also makes these.


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Cruzer should still be around I think? I highly recommend BM's soft parts for Jango, i love the vests he makes. I been trying to contact Animefan/Ryan as he also is a known Jango helmet vendor, my personal favourite choice. He hasn't responded to me for about 2 or 3 years now, i'm wondering if something personal has happened. I been so patient waiting to order my Helmet kit, but still no luck from him which is a shame. I remember last time we spoke he said the molds needed some updates but i haven't heard any other news and that was a while back.


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LoanStar is still around and active. He makes some great vests!! I got all my leather from Delta13Mike, it is awesome quality!!!


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I just got my armor and helmet from Cruzer a few months ago. Still amazing quality as always.

I got both a Loanstar vest and a Bobamaker. I much prefer the Bobamaker. The color, feel of the leather and overall construction are closer to screen IMO. The Loanstar is also well made, but I don't like the velcro on shoulders, and it's very stiff.