Cadian shock tropper armor


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just to let you know my older brother leroy lended me his acount and sense i can use it i had an idea in mind :love,if you ever played warhammer you'll know what im talking about i was thinking id make some cadian shock trooper armor :) if you have any ideas of ways to make it/ideas to make it look cooler just drop me a line :wacko

whoops spelled the title wrong :facepalm
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The helmet would be trouble due to the size, as would the shoulder pads. I have thought of doing it, but decided not to due to the fact that the figurines are far out of proportion to real humans. But if you did decide to, the chest plate would be very simple sintra work
haha, the poblems with making a shocktrooper are jokes compared to the problems with making marine armor.

and anyhow, being one scumy expendable 4 point IG is so much cooler than being a 15 point 1 man army.
Philip Fett said:
haha, the poblems with making a shocktrooper are jokes compared to the problems with making marine armor.

That's why you should focus on Chaos. If it looks a little messy, that's fine! It's just a little friendly mutation!
Yes but anyone can play chaos. :lol: Not just anyone can play the Imperial Guard, it takes know how and tactical skill !! :p I have over 3000 points of the guard, boy talk about a lot of metal!! :lol: But I love them and so does my other half. He's been playing it since it first came out oh so long ago!! Go Guard!!!

BTW I did a Sister of battle costume one Halloween. It won me a trophy!!
Post pics if you pull it off!!! :cheers

post pics.. maybe you can help inspire my new costuming idea ^_^ wich has huge.. like.. basketball sized shoulders and full armor.. lol
heres some thing my brother made quite a while ago He had a lot of time! and i mean it
i took the picture and well it turned out pretty good none of those are my older brother he was busy and he said we could screw around with the armor so we took pics :love

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firstly those are not choas they are Ukltra marines, secondly, are you saying your brother is party of the company that made those and did so just to "screw around"
OMG!!!!!! people fighting over war hammer 40k what have i started?!?!?!?
yes they are quite manooverable

P.S. the helmets are under cnstruction for them i dont know if we'll be able to make them but if not well toot toot

P.S.S.I tried it on and you get quite sweaty and well im working on some more of these armors so i can get around to making movies :wacko
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No we arent part of a company we just back then were lended tons of crafting supplies
such as tons of bondo,plastic,LODES of dif colored paint,special brushes,LODES of dif colored spray paint,aluminum,sheets of all different thicknesses of plastic,cuting tools,heat guns,plastic aluminum tubes,and ect.

and if you're wondering where we got all that stuff a very huge craft shop was going out of bussines and they were giving outpretty much everything for free and so me my brother and his friends met there before it opened and grabbed one cart each and when they opened we rushed in there went down aisles and were scraping lodes of stuff off the shelves and kept taking trips back to eachothers cars and with the 5X5 plastic boards we had to take them out with two people at a time :angry but we still got tons of those straped them to the roofs :lol: and luckily we all had trucks :) so we had so much space to load them with but we got away with alot of crafting stuff and we crafted happily ever after :lol:
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