Attaching armor


New Hunter
I have a couple questions as I prepare to finally work on my armor. I was wondering if anyone had any insight or tutorials on attaching straps to the leg / shin armor. There's a ton online that address doing it with EVA foam but nothing for Sintra, which is what I'm using (3mm is what I have). The reason I plan on going with straps is because I want to ensure that the armor doesn't move at all as I walk around. I know I've seen pics of people who have done it, but I haven't found anything that shows how.

Also, Does anyone have any suggestions for adhesives that can be used to combine pieces of Sintra to thicken areas, as well as gluing EVA foam to Sintra?


Jr Hunter
Personally I haven't worked with Sintra however here is a good article that tests and shows the results for 7 different adhesives used on Sintra to Sintra gluing. Sintra -- adhesives
For the straps you may want to look into gluing the male side of the snap to the inside of the armor then and the female to the strap. Check out Cruizer's build.
For the EVA foam to Sintra gluing test it out first, but the only thing that I can think of would be hot glue or some sort of a silicone adhesive. I know silicone adhesive works good when gluing foam pads to metal however I don't think it will work as well on Sintra. You can also try some 3M B 1/2 aircraft sealant. I know it sticks well to glass and metal but have never tried it on Sintra.

Hope this helps.