C4 - A smashing success for TDH!

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We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for helping to make our Fan Club Table at Celebration IV a HUGE SUCCESS! Mirax spoke with Commander Voltaire on Monday for a final recap and he said that our table was very very well received by everyone. We always had a crowd fof at least 5-20 people and when there were members in costume, even more! At the phoptoshoot on Saturday, there was a swarm of up to 150 people taking pictures of our members! James (CV) also said that many of the other fan booths were unmanned during convention hours and when they were manned, the members of those booths looked bored, but our members showed up on time and were outgoing and enthusiastic! We simply cannot thank everyone enough for their hardwork and dedication. We honestly did not know how well this would turn out since this is our first time attempting a publicity event and since we technically are not a fan club, but instead are a collective of individuals working towards a similar goal. Once again, our members have proven that we are much more than that, we are a community and a family who truly come through for each other and all of you truly came through for us at C4.

We would like to extend a couple of special thank you's:

To Gino, Shockwave, Count Dookie, and Braks for all of their efforts to rebrand TDH. Everyone seemed to love the new design and the professional look that we had at Celebration. Many a late nights were spent working on and perfecting the new logo. Gino also designed the banners, stickers, business cards, and t-shirts for the booth.

To Dustin Crops Boy for making the banners and t-shirts. He not only gave us a great price, but got everything done so very quickly for us. Without his help and generocity, our table would not have had the professional look that it did.

To Seven and bobamatt for printing our business cards and stickers. They were a pleasure to work with, were very professional, prompt, patient and gave us an excellent price and product.

To Commander Voltaire for heading things up at the convention. It was a relief to have someone that was able to oversee the operation of the table and make sure it ran smoothly. He really was a tremendous help in setting up and tearing down and for making sure everything ran smoothly. Also thank you to Cruzer and MandalorFett who were also a part of the organizing committee for this huge event.

To Goro for the beautiful statue that he made and displayed at the table with our new logo. It looked amazing!

To Mirax who was the rallying point and overall organizer of this event. As usual, most of Mirax's work was behind the scenes, but she orchestrated this entire event from start to finish.

To our members, to everyone who volunteered their time, money, or both. This would not have been possible without you and we simply can't thank you enough for your generosity. It is our members that truly make TDH what it is and you represented us with professionalism and enthusiasm.

We could not be more pleased with how this event went. We hoped and planned for the best but thanks to all of you, all out expectations were exceeded. Again, thank you to everyone for helping make this possible and we look forward to doing it again in the future!

With great appreciation,

The Dent and TDH Admin Staff


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Well done guys! The booth looked awesome and from the looks of it you all did an amazing job representing the rest of us who couldn't make it.

Thank you.


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Well done guys! The booth looked awesome and from the looks of it you all did an amazing job representing the rest of us who couldn't make it.

Thank you.

I couldn't agree more.....Thank You everyone who participated
and for volunteering @ the booth.
My Bucket off towards you all. (y)


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The TDH booth was a smashing success as you've said. People were genuinely interested in learning what TDH is about. Many people expressed their longtime ambition to create a Fett suit and were excited to learn that TDH could provide ALL the info needed to make a quality Boba, Jango or Zam within many different price ranges.

Thanks again to everyone who helped pull this off, and thanks to the Dent for allowing me to be a part of it. (y)

Lastly, I was most impressed by the quality of the TDH members I finally got to meet. Each person was fun, nice, accommodating and enthusiastic. I'm proud to be a TDH member most of all for the kind of people that make up this board.

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This was just awesome! I would like to thank all of our volunteers for all they did during CIV and the commadrie that everybody exuded. It was paramount with regard to the overall success of the table with CIV attendees. We had the most active and busiest fan fair table throughout, next to the 501st! I especially like to thank Cruzer and his family and, Mandalorefett and his family for all their efforts! Cruzer, we got to get your dad suited up for sure next time! Thank you to The Dent for the opportunity serve! Now, I need to get cracking on my PreProII so I can be in next big group photo!
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