Butt Plate (back of cod)

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Anyone have any idea of how to go about making or buying this? Does anyone make these? I have never heard these for sale.

Need that armour, don't wanna get shot in the a**! :lol:!!!

'nuff said? :lol:

I made my butt plate out of Sintra (any thick plastic should work). I guessed at the measurements, made a template and traced it onto the plastic. Then I cut it out, sanded the edges, and used a heat gun to curve the ends.

Then prime, paint, weather, etc.

I used 2" black elastic to attach the butt plate to the codpiece with rivets. Then I simply step into it like a pair of shorts.

I hope that helps!
If anyone has an etxra piece of Sintra lying around that would be enough for a butt plate, please let me know. Maybe we could trade something or $$$?
Let me check the garage, I might have some .093 styrene laying around. If I do, I'll go ahead and cut the plastic for you and send it to you for sanding, painting and weathering.

PM me your address.
A bit of a shameless plug

It's shameless I realize... but there's a bid going on at ebay right now with the butt-plate included in the armor package. Just search for "Fett armor" and I'm sure it'd turn up.
I know most people won't have to do this, but I made mine out of vinyl and then covered over the vinyl with green fabric. See, I have this problem where my hips aren't quite shaped like Boba's. It was one part that just wouldn't fit. It's comfortable compared to hard plastic, at least, and very adjustable.

I'm sure I have seen this piece for sale from certain dealers.
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