Building my armor/gauntlets...


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My progress has been a bit slow - but it is starting to gain momentum... I thought I would share it here and see what you all think...

My gauntlets:
This is how they looked when I first took them out of the box...


This is what they look like today… ready to be premiered and painted…


My Armor: So far…
This is what I have of my chest and collar armor...


I am still designing the actual chest pieces... they will look very close to Boba Fett's chest armor - just a bit more contoured to my body. No boob armor… I hate that look…

Here is my stomach plate – I have not yet formed it to my body… but this is what it looks like flat…


My cod piece is just about done…



the dent in the front I burned in with a piece of pipe that I heated with a blow torch… it made the perfect dent… and will look a lot better once painted – I swear! :)

My shoulder bells… they have already been premiered and are awaiting paint.


As for the kneed I had a bit of a problem…
I tried to make them out of one single piece and this is how they looked…


Needless to say I don’t want to walk around looking like I have small boxes on my legs…
So I am going a different route and am rebuilding the knees out of a bunch of separate pieces which will give me much more control and allow me to actually get a nice curve...

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Looking good so far!! Trust me, it will take a while and plenty of patience-and more than one attempt at painting and weathering if you are anything like me!! I just finished getting my knee armour the way I like it, and the same for the shoulders-will post some pics ltr!!!
Let me know how those knees work out. I too am going to try making them out of separate pieces...although I found I can't use bondo on any of the "joints" where the parts flex as it causes the bondo to just crack.

I'm curious to see how you're going to put them together. :D
I will be using JB Weld to piece them together...
much like evrything else ;)
JB Weld is awesome!

I will post more pictures as i have them...
I built knee armor using the wizardofflight templates and they turned out awesome. I used ABS plastic, not knowing how hard it is to shape, so they aren't perfect. I agree that JB Weld is awesome, but I have found that JB Quik is a little less stressful since it sets up faster and doesn't settle as much. Also, 2 part plastic epoxy is a great filler and it bonds to almost everything. I'll post some pics at lunch so that you can see what I mean.
Here is the beginning of my new knee armor...


I still need to sand (a lot) and add the side pieces, but these have a nice curve (the curve I could not get with the crappy 1st attempt)

and I started to paint my gaintlets as well... here is the left one with a nice layer of silver...

Looks good! I am a single step behind you on the WOF knees...I can't wait to get home tonight and take it further.
nice work, nice work.I'm thinking I'm going to order my knee pieces already assembled and painted. How hard were the gauntlets?
I thought about doing that - since my 1st attempt at knee armor was so crappy... but I decided to give it one more try with the wizardofflight templates I was directed to on this site... so far they are coming along wonderfully. I couldn’t be happier.

The gauntlets haven’t been to terribly difficult so far... but I haven’t started to really paint them (I think that will be the hardest part). I bought those already formed and cut the arm holes and the holes for the LEDs and switches.

I am just so ancy to complete them!
Its killing me!

And I like the ROTJ gauntlets better... I kinda switched...
I perfer the ESB gauntlets :) I always thought of Boba as being green, so that's what I've been sticking with! I also like the design of Boba's flamethrower in ESB also that's the set I purchased :)
GCNgamer128 said:
Where did you get those gauntlets? I thought you were going to make an ESB version, not a ROTJ :)

S Bits, To go ESB all you need really is a different flamethrower. Subtle but important difference. Keep up the good work, it's looking great.

Oh yeah, and the whip cord housing is different too.
I finally got to work on my chest and stomach armor... here they are all silver and ready for me to paint them...


(dont mind the fingerprints ;))
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