Building a Jet Pack from scratch


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Building a Jetpack from scratch

im just wondering has anyone tried using garbage can plastic along with wof templates, instead of cardboard? Because im going to start making one in a few weeks after im done with my dc15 rifle, and i was hoping to have it all made of plastic if i could. dont want to use paper mache or cardboard.


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i'd imagine that the garbage can plastic would be tough to work with. thinner sheets that can be heated / bent easier would probably yield a better result.
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Here is a thread from a talented young man that should help you some.

I would recomend the use of sintra and styrene plastic instead on trash can plastic. A little bit easier to work with.
If you are on a budget look at for sale signs and such at your local hardware store. The thin ones are styrene plastic and some of the thicker ones are made of sintra. Shower stall type plastic panels are also a possibility. A 4' x 8' x 1/8" thick panel can be found for around $30. They are usually smooth on one side.

Hope this helps. :)
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