Building a Boba Bucket - A detailed scratch build tutorial using WOF templates


I just wanted to say that this thread isn't dead, I will come back soon. Unfortunately I have way too much to do, thats why I just cannot work on my bucket the last time.

I will be back some day and finish this helmet!! Thank you so much for your commendations it really gives me courage!
You are wonderful!


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I have bondo'ed my entire "dome" portion of my helmet. Do you folks suggest covering the entire helmet with a thin layer of bondo? It seems like I should - I just wanted to confirm that. I worry a bit about the cheek portions and the nice lines there. Sanding might be tricky around the cheek area.

If I bondo the whole helmet - I don't see much of a reason to do the inside as well. It should be plenty strong enough - agreed?

What about the earpieces? Bondo those as well? I am following ANTMANs processes and bits and pieces of everyone elses build jobs.
The WOF templates are great. Perfect size for me. I will post a pic in a bit - I have a ton of sanding to do!



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I have an automotive refinishing background and although I am new to the forums I would suggest not bondoing the whole helmet.

Adding in a layer to areas that dont need it could create lots of problems in the future, if you dropped it whole pieces could crack off of the plastic that you applied it to because the plastic is much more flexable than the bondo. I am thinking most about the larger curved surfaces in the back and also the face of the helmet. It's best to only use it as a filler and as little as needed.


Great tutorial, you are doing some impressive work. Sorry if you already said this, but approximately how many hours does one helmet take you, considering no major problems? I am really interested in getting into fabricating my own costume, and your thread is exciting me to get started.


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I've been lurking these forums for the past month and a half to 2 months and I read this thread every day for inspiration. Your helmet is amazing. Hopefully I'll have mine starting to shape very soon. Thanks for helping me achieve one of my dreams in having my own armor and helmet.
same here. (except for the months part. I've only been searching for 2 or 3 weeks)


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Excellent work, but I have used both WOF and RafelFett's templates and I think RafelFett's are much better. The WOF dome is too short.