Bronze Webley -> RotJ EE-3


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A while back I picked up one of Hand Shaub's bronze webleys from a member here in the cargo hold. Here it is next to my Hyperfirm EE-3:


Soon as I got it, I imediately started begging our own ElvisTrooper to make one last aluminum barrel. A couple of cheesburgers changed hands, and a couple months later, I get a thing of beauty!

I also hit up a member of the RPF that made the stocks for these puppies back when they were first done, and got him to make me a walnut stock.

This is all just rough-fit together. Nothing is permanently attached yet...





To fit it on, I had to saw off the barrel of the Webley, then grind the stump, inside and out, to get them nice and smooth. I went really slow with a dremel on the inside and an angle grinder on the outside, trying the pieces regularly. It's a nice snug fit... I can put the pieces into postion without whacking them, but just barely!

Next up is permanently connecting it all and mounting the rear scope block.

Speaking of... anyone got an original ASI 4x20 they want to unload? I've got a tasco, but I really want the right one. No resin... real scopes only :)
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man....good thing my HS webley doesnt have to be cut up...but Brian....your rifle is gonna rock....bout as hard as mine...but it will rock for sure


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Brian, I'll be sure to take that off your hands for free if it's bothering you too much to cut into it. :lol:

hahahah! i think i'll be ok.

i went down to my basement workbench this morning to grab the ipod that i left there yesterday.

just about every surface is covered in metal dust from grinding the base to fit.

that's gonna be fun to clean up!

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Awesome! I think that's the first HS ROTJ conversion I've seen to date and it's coming along beautifully. For an ASI check out "kurtyboy" over at RPF as he sometimes has one, or seems to find 'em easier. Be sure and specify the rings too as they are also a pain to get too. I picked up both from him a couple years back.



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the barrel is now permanently attached! and, the tasco scope is on. aside from the scope rings, the tasco actually does look really good.



and when i say permanent... i mean PERMANENT! i coated the inside of the bronze with JB weld, then fitted the aluminum barrel in. i lined everything up straight and let the JB weld set. once it was secure i drilled 2 holes through the bronze and aluminum and set 2 rivets in. this is NOT going ANYWHERE ever again!

the collar then slips over this area and a small set screw holds it in place. the heads of the rivets stuck up enough to make it a really snug fit anyway, so i didn't bother to epoxy this. i'll trust to pressure and the set screw.

the 2 scope mounting blocks came identical. this ended up with the scope out of level with the barrel. i carefully ground away the underside of the rear block with a dremel, test fitting often until it sat right.

the front block screws into a tapped hole in the front that ken did for me. the rear is a nut and bolt. i put a bit of jb weld on the underside of the rear block to make up for the fact that it didn't sit perfectly flush with the surface of the gun.

now i need rubber track and greeblies!


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today i ordered the rest of the greeblies and the fins for the barrel. so once they come in, the buildup part of this project will be done, and it will be on to painting!

well, done until i replace the scope (rings at least!)


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the t-track from came in, as did the greeblies from sidewinder.

and here it is, my assembled blaster!


sorta funny looking being all different colors. and like the cleverly layed out TDH shirt? i needed something to make the gun stand out against the black box, and what could be more appropriate than that?

closer shot of the front:

closeup of the stock:

straight on side shot:

next up, primer!


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it's a lot heavier than the hyperfirm, but much lighter than my demiled sterling E-11. it's also balanced better, since i'm holding it in the middle rather than the back end.

the barrel is aluminum, with walls about 1/2" thick. substantial, but still pretty light.

the E-11 i carried for about 20 minutes before i wanted to cry. i think i'll be ok with this one for an hour or so before needing a break from it.


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here's where i show off just how lame i am.

i went to bed, but something felt not right.

i got back up and looked at it again.

i realized that the short fins here:

were too short, and that the gap was thus too large.

fortunately, i got spare t-track, just in case!

so i went down and cut more of it, and replaced the bits that were too short with a better length.