Broken stalk..

Hey gang..

Got a busted stalk. Snapped off right above the ear piece, almost flush with it.

Anyone have any suggestions on how best to repair said stalk? (I don't need it to "rotate"). I am considering a thin piece of aluminum, or a thin steel rod to re-enforce it...

Suggestions welcome.


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First off, what material is your stalk made of?Second, are you able to drill precise holes in both halves?If you can drill the holes, then you can insert a metal "pin" and glue the stalk back together. You should have no problems with keeping it able to rotate.


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If your stalk is indeed made of resin, then it should be a breeze.If you don't already own a mini hand drill or pin vise, I'd suggest picking one up or borrow one from a friend.
Simply use a fine tipped majic marker to locate where you wnat your hole to go, then carefully and slowly drill it a good depth. Once you have the hole drilled on one piece of the stalk, take a bit of paint or marker and rub it all over the end section that you just drilled, ( it'll only colour the area that's solid, not the hole ) then quickly press the two sections together to transfer the colour to the undrilled section. You now have a template that shows you where to drill your matching hole.I'd also suggest using thin steel rod, and drilling two holes. This will prevent the stalk from twisting and keep it properly aligned.
For the pins, I'd suggest using dress makers pins as they are very thin buit strong. They're also cheap and easy to find. ( just put on a brand new dress shirt, and dig them out of your neck. )


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Go to any hobby shop and ask for a pin vise by Excel. The micro drill bits are made by the same company. The glue that I'd suggest you use would be super glue ( I personally use LocTight gel ) or some 2 part epoxy cement, as it's resin that you're dealing with. ( resin is a pourus material, so not all glues will stick/hold well enough. )


Drill a bigger hole in each peace of the stalk (eg 5mm)
Take a 3mm screw and cut off its head.
Use epoxy to glue the screw into the stalk pieces.
Right after that fix the stalk on the sides with straight bars on either sides
Fix the bars with siply wrapped tape.

I used this method quite often on RC Air Planes and Flipper machines...
It lasts forever !