Boots - Toe Spikes Question


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Hello Fellow Fetts,
I wanted to see if any other Fetts here not only use the screws to secure the toe spikes to the boot, but also use some kind of adhesive to strengthen it.

I have purchased the Imperial Boots variant of Boba Feet boot and with it came the Toe Spikes! On the inside of the spike (in the center) is another spike that goes into the boot to secure it further. BUT, even with that, would anyone here (or has anyone) entertain in using a rubber/metal adhesive to secure it even further.

Any constructive criticism or objection/concerns in doing this would be great!



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I use a combination of rivets on the sides and a spike in the middle similar to Imperial Boots to keep them from moving.


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Sidewinder made mine for me. This is what he did.