Boots...custom made or exsisting boot?

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Just what the title says. Has there been any evidence for either custom built or based off an exsisting boot. I.e. The strips were added and the color was changed, but the boot essentially remained the same.
While I don't know, I would suggest emailing Mark Cheng. I know his are manufactured, but I would think that if anyone knows or has researched them, he might have.

Somebody here recently said something about finding a "Goodyear" boot at a yard sale that looked very similar. They never did elaborate on it or post any pictures. I'll look to see who it was.
Hmmmm...I must have missed that post. The soles do look very familiar to me. The style of boot is quite common, but the details are unique. I'd really like to get whatever info we can muster on them.

Edit- while looking through boots I came across these:


There is a larger version on their website:


While this absolutely no where near the correct boot, I wonder if it is a step in the right direction in determining what style of boot the originals are. After all these are all new boots, and we are in search of a vintage boot.
I found a pair that looks like the base boot on that Prop Palace uses. You can buy them at walmart for $17. The brand name is george, but i cant remember what model they are. I painted mine (and they held the paint really well)but i plan on getting another pair and adding leather to them. Also, while I'm on the subject of feet, I found spikes like what we used in bracelets and collars in the 80' (im showing my age)at Hottopic for $6. I figure I can screw them into a brace and screw the brace into the shoe. Voila... Fett boots for under $25.
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When I took my Fett pictures to a local seamstress to see about doing a custom softsuit, she said she used to work a lot with the Navy overseas and she said she thought the boots looked a lot like a British Neoprene boot. Now, I have no idea when this "Neoprene" stuff was invented, but she said to check out dive boots of different kinds. I admit I didn't put much stock in this assessment, but maybe it's worth checking out-- she was right about the little blousing strap with hook and loop at the bottom of the softsuit-- also used in these military duds overseas, according to her.

Just a thought.
Definitely worth looking into, Chris! Stormtrooper boots are very similar to Navy welding boots...lots of military related items used in SW, so it's source definitely fits the SW pattern of "found" items.

I'll have to do some research and see if anything pops up.

Thanks for the info. :)
I came accross a couple pairs of boots that were very close to the pattern of the fett boots ( the elastic inlay ). The technical SHOE MAKER term for the boots is a "ROMEO" style boot.
it'd make sense if the boots are a British military origin, considering that's where a lot of the props for costumes came from. But I think the seamstress might be right on with the diving boot idea. When I was watching junkyard wars, they were doing the diving episode and the iron diving boots the host wore were square toed. So maybe Boba's boots are neoprene inserts for diving suit boots?

Mannie Bothans wrote:

...she thought the boots looked a lot like a British Neoprene boot. ...but she said to check out dive boots of different kinds.

Based on the "Dive Boots" recommendation above, I went looking and may have found some that could work as a good, cheap base boot for about $35. It would require some painting/coloring. (How would you paint neoprene anyway?) The piping could be easily stitched on. Maybe paint the sole with white latex paint?
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Here in Manila, there is a town that specializes with shoes/custom made shoes.
I've printed out the pics Rex sent me & I'll be visiting those shoe places by next week.

I've showed the pics to some of my friends & they say that our shoe makers here could replicate it.
Wish me luck!

As for the dive boots, you'd be better off gluing material (ideally canvas) to them and then painting them and add the piping. If you decided to go with these, try and get a pair with a white/off-white sole.
The dive boots look good. Have any of you guys ever dove before? Your feet will sweat at an unbelievable rate in neoprene as it designed to maintain heat, not breath. The neoprene itself has thousands of tiny air bubbles in it to act as dead space which is an excellent insulator. Ive seen some post about their pits going hyperactive with the suit on on. You can't imagine what your feet will do. Neoprene is washable (Id say hand washable in mild detergent) but you'll be washing/repainting after every outing. As far as painting goes it would probably work as they typically put a cloth covering over it for durability. You'll have to check this one as I never painted mine.
I think that is very possible the idea that the boots we are looking for are british diving boots from the 70's. In the link below there is a picture of a pair of british diving boots from WWII. They have certain similarities in the squeare tipe toe and the back of the boot used for fitting.
It is very possible that Boba,s boots are a newer version of these.
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