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Hey Fetts,

I have a real nice pair of handmade Fett boots that a fellow member here at TDH made for me. The toe spikes are made from wooden dowels and I originally glued them to the toe plates with Super Glue Gel. They weren't holding well enough, so I've gone with epoxy. I'm not sure if that will hold either, but it seems okay so far.

Anyone have a good suggestion?

The first 5 minutes that I wore the boots, I went to kneel down to fix one of my spats and "Pop, Pop!" Two spikes on the same boot broke off. Doh! That was prior to using the epoxy though. :D

John Barrows, Jr.
I have the Prada boots....not exact but close. Anyway, I used rubber toe spikes - I stumbled across the world's tackiest belt that had removable spikes so I cut out a section of the belt and added the spikes. I sanded the front of the Prada's for a good, clean surface and used E-6000. One was completely fused on there never to come off. The other...well...I had to glue it back on every time I wore then and it always came off within the first half hour or so. It was definitely weird. That's when my dad mentioned Shoe Goo. Worked like a charm and I've worn them for many, many hours now with a zillion 501st events and no sign of them coming off. Of course...this is rubber to rubber....I'm not sure how well it will work with yours, but worth a shot anyway, I would think.
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