Bondo question


I'll be stripping and repainting my helmet in the near future. Over the years my bucket has sustained some chipping around the bottom edge and I want to fix a few things I over looked the first time around. My question is, do I use a 2 part body filler (if so which one) or is the pre mixed stuff in the tube enough? I've used the tubed stuff for small things but it always seems a bit too brittle. I've seen hundreds of posts here and bondo is mentioned, it looks solid and permanent, so what is best. Thoughts, suggestions and onions always welcome. Thanks!


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I'd have thought milliput would be a better bet than bondo for small fine work. It's a stronger material. Use a hand drill to drill lots of tiny little holes to increase surface area and press in. What 24 hours for curing and then sand and shape.


By tube stuff it sounds like you're talking about the Bondo glazing spot putty. It's good for small pin holes but for anything else more you're going to want the body filler. They're in small bucket packages which can be found in pretty much any automotive section. It'll also come with one small tube of hardener inside the cap. (At least it should; it never hurts to give it a shake). Make sure your area is free of paint and that it's "roughed up" a bit like intwenothor says.

Also, just to add, if you happen to have a clay rake handy, you can use it to help shave off a few layers while it's still gummy and not fully cured, just to help with sanding once it's ready. The stuff itself can be pretty goopy when you put it on. Oh, and it's best to wear an organic respirator if you can as Bondo products tend to be toxic.

Anyway, that's probably more than you cared to know. Just offering my onion! :p


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the spot putty is also meant to be applied in thin layers, if its put in globs like bondo itll take forever to dry


Good to know, I've got a fair sized area on the back panel I want to even out and fill in the chipping around the bottom edge, some body filler sounds like the best bet, and maybe a few small areas, I need to start keeping it on a helmet pedestal again to keep it from getting chipped just setting it down by itself.