Bobo finally has armor!!!


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Woohoo! I just made some time for my fett project, and courtesy of BatNinja, I have a killer set of armor!!! :D

Here's a pic of what I have done so far (not much!). I just trimmed it and left a little of a "lip" around the edges. I still need to sand everything. Should I shave more off the edges? Or does that look ok? And I still need to add dents cuz I'm doing ESB.

Thanks alot BatNinja ;) I can't wait to paint this. I guess Rogue Studios put a nice list together for paints right?




Rest are here:
Thanks for the kudos! It's about time you showed up. :)

Yeah, I'm still working on tweaking the molds, as I think the current dents are a little deep. Also, I plan to redo the codpiece to even out the sides a little. If there are other changes to be made, let me know.

All of these changes will be made after LV ComicCon, and Bobo, you'll be the first to see them.

Get to sanding!
What is this made out of? It looks execellent, sure beats my sintra armor. Tried pressing some dents into it last night and ended up losing a lot of the shape in pieces and had to reshape it.
The armor is made from .093 styrene. Very tough stuff. I use that thickness for main plates. If I ever get around to making gauntlet molds, I'd probably use .060, since you can get better vac definition from that thickness. For the armor plates, you obviously don't need that much definition, except for the greeblie on the codpiece.

Yeah, Bobo, you may want to trim that a little more, leaving only about a 1/4" lip around the main pieces. I took your advice on the mold height, and I'm working to make those corrections...
Yeah the mould height is important to fix I think. It lets the user cut more freely when it comes to trimming. I only have a little bit of height in the armor pulls, so if I trim too much, there won't be any height left! So I think it would be good to add more of it, know what I mean?

Nonetheless, the armor looks insane! I love it. I'm scared of putting dents in myself, cuz I'm afraid I'll break it :(
How should I do it? Heatgun?
For the codpiece, I normally use a heatgun and the wrong-end of a small screwdriver. Be careful not to heat too much, or the entire piece may warp. Heat a small area, test it with the ball of the screwdriver, heat, test...until you get what you're looking for.

Don't be afraid to screw it up. It's a DENT, for crying out loud. Not supposed to be too perfect. :)
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