Bobamaker rules!!!


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Just FYI guys.
I bought just about everything bobamaker offers and it was worth every penny. The quality and accuracy is the best there is. He is great to work with. His eta was right on and it was so worth it. I did not get the gloves from him but I did get the helmet, all the armor (The groin piece is perfect and I have noticed many others groin pieces are lacking. His was spot on), the shin tools , the boot spats, the tan pouches, the flight suit, and the vest. Evreything I got was ROTJ version and I can't say enough good things about it.

I have not delt with anyother Fett prop makers but this guy was great.
Yeah, Daz is a good guy. I just ordered vest, back, chest, shoulders and collar from him. Any test fit pictures? Or even just pictures of the bundle? Congratulations
That's great to hear! I got everything from him too and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of his products. Jameth, what do you mean by ETA?
I'll throw in a good word for Daz as well. I owe at least 50% of my costume to his outstanding work.
He's one of the good ones!!! (y)
hey jameth , i was wondering about the helmet, could you post some pics .
I am looking for a larger bucket I'm 6'3, 24 inch head. How is the fit for you, ant room for fans or a speaker?
Hey let see some bobamake pics!

I am getting his armor hopefully in about a month. I am so excited its not even funny! He has been a great great guy to do buisness with. I would never pay that much money to someone through paypal, but I totally trust this guy he is great to do buisness with.
How long will it take your wallet to recover from such a blow? :D

I want a BobaMaker helmet sooo badly... I may just buy a Marrow Sun bucket though, BM is overseas and it would take about 6 weeks to make the items, then it would take forevvvvvvvvvvvveeeeerrrr to send it out to me :)
Well if it helps to ease your shipping woes, I ordered stuff from Daz and from departure to my door was 5 days, so I would think it would'nt be too much more then that to get to Nevada.

Daz is a first class guy to deal with, and has been a consistant quality prop maker for many years now, his experiance, knowledge of the costume and quality of his wares make him (along with a few others around here) the standard for Fett Vendors. When you think of a Fett costume one of the first names that come to mind for parts is deffinatly Bobamaker.. nuff said (y)
First of all shortimer, the job you did on your MS is amazing. Looking through your photo gallery reminded why I had wanted to get into trooping in the first place. This is going to sound gay but I highly respect you due to your military service and also the way you feel about your armor as you stated in the paragraph at the bottom of your 501st page. Also how did you like your MS helmets?
jonny-dh said:
Jameth, what did you think of BM's flight suit? Are you happy with buttons and the collar?

Here is a link to my armor progress so far. All body armor and soft armor is from Bobamaker. I was not sure about the buttons and collar on the flight suit, but once the armor is on, you can't see them.

Bobamakers stuff is pure art!
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Here are pics of my "naked" Bobamaker armor:

I have the TK-409 chest lights and they do not line up with the cutout. I will need to do some work there. If you order a set, you may want them filled in and you can out out your own chest light window.

The edges are 3/16" thick and the main material appears to be 1/8" or slighty thicker.

The armor has a VERY solid feel and yet is light. The chest armor hugs my chest great.

Overall, I am VERY pleased! (y)






Sorry guys. I was not expecting such a response.

Okay, My armor looks like the ones already posted. It is light yet sturdy. It feels like I imagine Boba's would feel. The accuracy is dead on and it will look so good on the awesome vest. The vests I have noticed are very hard to get right. Especially the neck seal and shoulder "flares". He nailed it. It's also the right weight and feel.

The flight suit- Again awesome. He got the pouches and the sleeves just right. It is sturdy so it will hold up well. He got the ROTJ shade just right. I've seen many suits like this. Everything is done right but it just does not look right. Maybe the material is wrong or something else. Not this one. It looks like BM went up to Jeremy Bulloch in 1982, knocked him over the head and stripped him down. The flightsuit is awesome. The buttons are fine, they are not seen under the vest. The collar is a standard work suit collar like the original (not a flight suit as most of you know) Since it's under the vest I suppose you could lose it. Does not matter one way or the other.

The Helmet-Again awesome. I have a huge 25" head. It fits but it is tight. It is a little hard to get on because of the sunken ckeeks. Once on it's good. I will have room for my complete custom interior including three cpu fans. It is a MSH. I put it next to my DP and it is bigger, wider and more accurate. It's just like the "good msh" I have seen. It has the narrow visor that the accurate helmets have. I doubt you can find a thing wrong with this helmet when compared to the original.
You would not want one larger. I'm 5'10". I have this huge head but with everything on the helmet looks just right. Again a little snug for my huge melon. But still fits good once on. If it was any bigger it would not look right on the costume.

You get what you pay for. This is not cheap but it is worth it. This is as good and frankly probably better than the original props. You can go cheaper but the quality will suffer. I been researching this for several years. You will not find better.

Pics coming this weekend
BM also got the curve of the armor just right. This is another area that many really good prop makers have not gotten quite right. As alway he nailed it.

Can't wait for him to start the jet packs. I wish he would do gauntlets and evrything else too.
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