Boba87Fett's 1st Build: FPH II ESB by WastedFett


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Hi everyone!

First and foremost thank you for creating such an amazing site packed with more details and build threads than I could have imagined. It is truly amazing stuff.

My name is Steven and I am a long time Boba Fett enthusiast and Star Wars fan from the Bay Area. I am new to TDH and prop building in general. No prior experience with this kind of stuff (including airbrushing) so this should be fun.

Several years ago I bought a cheap Rubies Boba Fett Halloween costume and knew deep down, that one down I would start a legit build!


I recently received my FPH II ESB helmet from WastedFett. This lid is sick! I hope to have it ready for paint in early July.


Depending on how long it takes me to finish this helmet, I may try to complete my armor and the rest of the suit by Celebration (providing California's fire season this summer is as bad as it has been the past couple years, I should be able to rack up some good OT to fund this build!) This is my custom Boba Fett SCBA mask cover I had made earlier this year:


I also intend on building my 5 year old son a Holiday Special Boba Fett helmet and armor for Celebration. My wife and daughter's outfits are still TBD.


With that said, here it goes!

Thanks for checking my build out.



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Borrowed a Dremmel from a friend and cut my visor out. Also got the slots on the back of the helmet drilled and filed out.


Did some work on the ears too:

Next up, worked on getting my visor secured. I have used a dremmel to recess the screws and redone it since I took this photo.


Test fit:


Spent some time reading and researching airbrushes. Decided to go with the Iwata Revolution. Bought some goodies and a Porter Cable air compressor to support the cause ;)


Got some sanding done today and preparing to start painting in early July!

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Great work so far ! And your in the right place should you need help with your build as the folks on here are really helpful even if some may seem judgmental they only adhere to steer you in the right direction. just remember its a hobby that you have gone and gotten yourself into, so if it all becomes frustrating take time out as frustration stems from a infatuation so have fun with your build.
Good luck with it all ! o_O


A Boba helmet is a very complex paint job. Take many deep breaths a think it through. Test your color choices on a non-pores surface.
TDH is a wealth of info...full speed and patience ahead. Enjoy and Good Luck!


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Alright... I didn't accomplish much this past year, but after going to Celebration in Chicago I am determined to have a full Fett done for Anaheim...

Here are some photos from SWCC. Made my 5 year old son a Holiday Special Boba Fett out of foam and a Rubies helmet. Have never done something like that, so I was pleased with how it turned out! Nice to meet those of you that I did =)

Toddler is napping, so off to try and get some paint time in!




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I got my base gray down and then gently buffed it smooth with the 0000 wire wool and started on the stencil for the back panels.

I used transfer paper to trace the stencil, then lined it up on the helmet and traced it again. It didn’t show up very well on the helmet, so I then traced the backside of my transfer paper and tried to brush it on... that didn’t work too well either... so then I put it on right side up and pressed harder - this worked the best, but I still ended up having to freehand some of it. I retraced over what transferred to the helmet with regular pencil, making it as dark as it is now. Probably too dark?


Question #1
Is there a better way to use transfer paper?

Question #2
Are my pencil marks on the helmet too dark? Will they fade into the paint job? Do I need to erase them a little before I mask it? Should I use the water soluble white pencil instead?




I used Saral white transfer paper for my helmet. When I used Humbrol's liquid mask I tried to keep it inside the stenciled line so when I sprayed the next layer it covered the stencil lines. I also went back topically on each layer with a super fine detail brush to paint over the remaining stencil marks if any. This is what worked for me. You can try to erase the marks but may remove some of the detail. Anyway looking good man.


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Alright, so I decided to have superjedi tackle this paint job based on the time I haven’t had to get it done and the accuracy that I’d like with my Fett.

I was able to pick up a set of the Machine Craft Replicas metal ears, a TerminalFettler RF Kit, vintage Casio MQ-1 circuitboard, and an MCR Borden.

I’m super excited to watch superjedi work his magic on this set up!