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Hi Guys,

I've been away of this forum for a while. I stopped my Boba Fett work years ago and now I want restart and make improvements and changes.
I finished my first Boba Fett Prop 12 years ago, too much time. And through the years I was making Helmet, armor and soft Parts.

I'll start with the Vest Flak Jacket and Neck Seal. Made in white Tackle Twill. Custom made, fits like a glove. Also I make it in cotton fabric and different colors.
Neck seal come with Velcro and hooks closure. Original used hooks, but Velcro works better. How is used is optional.
Vest come with zipper closure on the back and Chest, Harness, and hoses slots.

Any questions or suggestions, welcome. My intention is make the best work possible. Please feel free to ask questions or to offer suggestions.







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Looks pretty good so far, in material and form. Looks to be too long though, as the girth belt should start at the bottom of the flak vest, and the harness lower strap going around to the divers buckle should be just under the vest as well, believe.
I like the idea of having the upper slits pre-cut in the vest, but will they actually line up correctly with a harness?


I think the arms need more ribbing. As well, they seem just a touch too long. The triangular arm sleeve tips should end about halfway down the arm hole.


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Thanks for your comments and suggestion. I'll keep in mind some details like the long vest, ribbing shoulders and the slots position. This is fit with my own armor, I think is bigger comparing with others. I'll build one and take some pics with the armor added to the vest.


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The vest looks like it fits you well, but it is clearly about 5 inches too long. The slots for the lower jetpack strap will not be there. That vest should end at that strap, which should be roughly at the bottom edge of the ab plate armor. You can see this in the CRL pic for the ROTJ Boba fett on the 501st website.
Hope that helps.


I've ordered the flight suit and flask vest from you in the past, cucblack. The major issue I had, as mentioned here was that the vest reaches too far down (almost to my waist on me). I solved this by hemming it up a good five inches, which makes for a solid thickness at the bottom of the vest, although can make zipping it up a bit awkward in the back. Also, I think the ROTJ beige colour you provided of the vest is a bit off. From what I understand, technically it should be white/off white, but with a lot more weathering to dirty it up rather than the fabric colour being a solid different colour, so I'd stick with the ESB white colour rather than offering a beige colour. Otherwise, the fit was very good and form fitting to the measurements I provided.


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I think this was already mentioned, but what jumped out at me immediately is that the ribbing is spaced too far apart. I think they should be closer together, therefore resulting in more ribs per 'sleeve' (y)


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Yup to both above posts.
if you incorporate all the items mentioned here, then you are on your way to making an accurate vest.