Boba Fett SE Promo Shot WIP


So last night I ordered the last major piece for my build and with that I think it’s finally time to start up a WIP. I initially started fett over a year ago trying to scratch build, but as I became more obsessed I quickly realized that wouldn’t cut it in the accuracy department for me. I have since been ordering and beginning to piece everything together so here’s my parts list.
Helmet-FP(bit of an older FP but nonetheless an excellent bucket)
Armor-minutefett anniversary edition(still on the way but should be here sometime in the next month or so)
Flight suit-Carole-(also still on the way, probably won’t be here till the summer)
Braids-woodman(bought second hand)
Flak Jacket & neck seal- one of the few pieces still scratch built, made by my grandmother who used to be a seamstress
Gauntlets-MOW(bought second hand)
Gloves-Boba Maker(bough second hand)
Jetpack harness-Big Dane(order placed but not here yet)
Jetpack-Froflo(bought second hand)
Girth belt-MOW(bought second hand)
Ammo Belt-Handmade Horror Shop
Shin tools-real Patterson squeegee
Boots-Imperial Boots


So I’ll just post some pics of what I have and what’s finished.
helmet is unfinished, still waiting on a few paints but part of it finished for now.

Cape from woodman, weathered it with a hammer the other day.

Some of the rest of my parts at the moment. Took the curling iron to the braids, painted and weathered shin tools.

Painted the imperial boots. Really happy with them.

Weathered the ammo belt the other day. The lighting in the picture sucks but it looks killer in person.

Will post pictures of gauntlets later. I have resin and fiberglass drying on them at the moment.


Wanted to be able to update everything that’s been done to the gauntlets however resin is still taking a while to dry in some areas. I will show what I’m doing with the missile though. When I got it there was one hole drilled where it was secured to the gauntlet. I drilled a second and added another screw just to fully stabilize it. I used the two holes, a hanger, and the bottom of a shoe box to make a painting stand.

I also screwed a smaller piece of pvp into the back to allow for the SE rocked attachment point.
I didn’t bother sanding it all the way smooth as it will be covered by a hose and gaffers tape. Plus I figured the bondo in this state might give the hose a little something more to hold onto.


Also wanted to talk about the left gauntlet for SE. From what I can tell it’s pretty obviously a bit of a lighter color than the right gauntlet. It’s even mentioned in this thread here.

you can see in the images it’s clearly a different shade than the other gauntlet. Most SE builds I’ve seen just paint them the same color and I might still do the same, just wanted to see if anyone had approached this before.


Been a while since I posted an update but I have a pretty huge one to go through. I’ll start by detailing all the work done so far on the left gauntlet as it is nearing completion. I started by reinstalling the flame thrower as it was installed when I received it but they were joined level with each other instead of having the lip. Don’t have a lot of pictures of that process but basically just acetone to the super glue and respiring with bondo any damage. I also drilled for the lamp and used a dremel to file the u shape into the front of the gauntlet (below the keypad). Again don’t have a lot of pictures of that but you can see it in the finished shots. Then it was just on to resin and painting. Here’s what she looks like painted.

Tried my best to match the damage but it definitely was tough and I had to blow up some pics to see it good. Would’ve been a lot easier if this was one of the touring suits but I’m happy with it. Also got rocket painted and here’s what it looks like finished off.

It still needs a dull coat and final clear coat but I’m very satisfied with this one. Lighting in the basement isn’t the best so I don’t think it really does it justice.


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Gonna make this one a separate post but I got my jetpack in as well.

It’s a second hand Froflo pack and it’s absolutely beautiful! There’s a reassuring heft to the pack and it definitely needs to be strapped securely. It had some damage from previous shipment but I knew about them ahead of time and have already began to repair the damage. Can’t wait to get started on this one. Jetpack harness from Bigdane came in as well and I’ve began assembling that (pictures to come). It’s very sturdy and more than up to the challenge of carrying this pack!


So I got my first shots of the left gauntlet on my arm today. I’m using Sean’s (bh19812) new method of attaching using elastic and padding. He uploaded a video of it just a few weeks ago. I’ve got some tweaking to do for sure but it feels pretty snug. The flamethrower definitely throws a lot of the weight on the far side so it has to stay pretty tight to avoid turning out of place.


Been a little bit since I updated, it’s been a crazy week to say the least but hope everyone is safe and well. Finally had the chance to finish off the right gauntlet. Had a little more reference material to work with for this gauntlet and I’m happy with how it came out. The only real modification I did to this from when I got it was remove the side piece on the front of the gauntlet as it was not present for SE, as well as drill for the switches and darts. Both gauntlets are gonna need a tab more padding but I’m calling these pretty much done for now. Pictures aren’t the best but jst snapped a couple to show what’s been done. Next project will be the jetpack.