Boba Fett Helmet Blueprints/Templates


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Here is the final version of the helmet templates. They will print out on 8.5 X 11 paper. I will be coming up with a tutorial as I start to put my own helmet together so stay tuned.

If you have any questions just let me know. If you decided to use these templates please post your progress, I’d really like to see what you folks come up with.



UPDATED 11/17/07 - Updated THE DOME templates- See Attachments section below

UPDATED 11/18/07 - Added Helmet templates for the A4 format sized paper for the Fetts across the pond.



P.S. Solving the dome problem - batting helmet

Kripps and Kibosh came up with a pretty good option for the dome that should be really fast and easy. The first pic is the batting helmet cut into quarters lying over the template for the top of the dome. The second is a rear profile shot with a 2" piece of Sintra welded in between.




  • BF Helmet Ear Patterns.pdf
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  • BF Helmet Dome Templates.pdf
    39.5 KB · Views: 48,156
  • BF Helmet Templates A4.pdf
    333 KB · Views: 55,293
  • BobA_Fett_Helmet_Templates_Std.pdf
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  • Range Finder Rev C Movie Size.pdf
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Alan...once again you have made the collective jaw of fett costumers drop to the floor. You are such an asset to this community. Thank you for all your hard work. (y)
I agree. The least we can do is thank you for your time and work on yet another set of blueprints/templates. Pretty soon we'll be able to make up a full Wizardofflight Fett. Or would it be Wizardoffett? :D

Thanks, buddy.
Here I go again.
Knowing full well that these will work exactly as well as every other template you've produced.......Guess I'll have to make another bucket.

Thanks again!!!
Like I said in your other thread, I tried starting my own. But I have to say here, you've proved me stupid!!! :lol: :lol:

I figured there was a reason the top of the brow didn't match up right. I was using straight lines instead of curving it like you did. DOH!!

What I DID do turned out pretty well. (I'll post picks in another thread) But, you are THE wizard!

If I have time, and if no one beats me to it, I'll try your templates for my third bucket and post a pic.

You rock. (y)
Wow! Absolutely amazing work wizardofflight! :cheers You are an amazing talent here! And thank you for sharing your work.
Dang! Who are you? those templates look like, WOW!!!!!
oh yeah, and can these templates also work as a jango helmet?

Thank you guys. It is great to be appreciated.

Well I have the cheek bones templates done, so if all goes well this weekend I'll do a mock up in cardboard to make sure everything fits together.

As for being able to use them for Jango I don't see why not, people are still converting BF helmet to Jango, but remember they are different. I will be doing Jango helmet templates, but I need to get back to the gaunlets templates first.

Stay tuned.

First I want to say "Greetings to all from the ney guy!" Secondly... the blueprints are magnificant. I would love to see more.
Scratch Built Helmet in an hour

I finally got time to mock up my helmet from the templates. This one is just for sizing purposes; I want to make sure that I had the proper size to fit my noggin. As it turns out it is just a bit too small as my nose presses against the visor. But that’s the beauty of CAD, I just enlarge the patterns by a few percent and I’ll be set.

So please give me your honest opinions. What do you all think? Have I got the proportion and the flare right? Don’t hold back


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Yeah, looks really good Alan!
Definately looking forward to the finished dimensions......Awesome work as usual.

Looks great man! It looks like there is a tiny bit too much flare, but its close, real close....and it could just be the angles in the pics as well, its hard to tell. But, again awesome work!:cheers
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