boba fett blaster

shade 99

Im looking for a cheap boba fett ROTJ blaster rifle and i can find any. dooes anybody have any ideas how i can or if u guys have some u can sell me that would be greatly appreciated.
good luck... the nice kits are expensive and ones that have been assembled and painted are even more...

Maybe you could build your own...
I am building my own to cut down on cost... plus I REALLY like to build stuff...
I am making it out of a BB gun... Its gonna rock I tell you!
I made mine out of A toy gun from the Dollar stote and windshield wiper Blades. PM me for Pic's It Turned out Nice till I can get the money buy a kit. It Cost me abot $15.00 for everything....
Here Is A pix. Like I said It's just to Get Me By Till I come up With an Extra $200.
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