Boba and Jango Fett Soft Parts Still Available * pics *


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Hello All,
It has been quite a long time since I have updated any of my "seamtress" threads. I want to confirm that I am still taking orders for Boba and Jango Soft Parts.

If anyone is interested, please send a PM. I am very much still involved in sewing for the Fett's! :d

As always, Carole, Arkady, here on TDH is making the Boba ROTJ and ESB flightsuits. She has purchased 100 yard rolls of both ESB and ROTJ flightsuit material. You can PM to her or PM to me and I will pass it along to her. Or just post here and both of us will see it.







My newest Jango flightsuit material. Please keep in mind the camera and also your computer monitor will not give a real good idea of the color.... but here it is......

And, on a different note......... Biker Scout Flightsuit........
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I have to say that the soft parts were the first pieces I ordered for my SE Fett and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality, customer service, and the delivery time. The decision on soft parts is a slam dunk IMHO: Ladysewforus and Arkady (and Mark!). Period. :lol:
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I will second that. Im still amazed at my flightsuit and vest.(y)
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I have gone to your site and saw everything but the pricing would love some info from you ladysewfor us on the ROTJ suit neck seal and vest and spats.
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Thanks for posting this Deb. I was planning on doing this when I finally caught u with all my orders and I'm almost there! Thank you guys for the good words also. It means alot to know that you all like the suits. Here's a pic of my current fabrics in indoor lighting:

Here is a pic of an ROTJ outside in natural light:

I just fininshed three ESB suits so I will get one on the mannequin and shoot that in natural light in the next few days.
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I would also like some info on ROTJ flight suit, flak jacket and spats

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Here is an ESB suit in natural light. Thanks Mark for the very nice photoshop job!
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I have to say that the quality of this flightsuit is excellent! The zipper is heavy duty, and the materials are top notch. The crafmanship is also excellent as well as the customer service. The flightsuit is totally awesome and I love the quality.
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