Best Way to Remove Hot Melt Glue?

Michigan Jaster

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Hey everyone, What's the best way to remove hot melt glue form the inside of the visor area of a helmet? I am currently replacing my old visor and the old one was hot melt glued into place, so there is a little extra sticking in the areas that I need to the new visor into place.
I put my helmet in the freezer. The hot glue gets really brittle and chips off fairly easy. Depending on what kind of glue you used it should work.:D
You can also use methyl hydrate. It won't attack the vinyl or hurt the paint. I have been using this method for years to break the bond between polyester & acrylic plastics & good 'ol hotmelt.
You can get it at Home Depot or even a paint store should carry it. It also may be in the camping section of a major store. Some camp stoves use this as fuel.
Heat it with a hairdryer, it can then be easily picked off - BEWARE if doing this to a don post though, it will warp the helmet.
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