Best people to talk to about Paint Commissions.


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I have a set of "ready to paint" armor that I bought, but due to my lack of talent I need someone to paint it for me, so I am shopping around to find someone that would be interested in this. ROTJ :), I am not a rich man but I am willing to pay, haha.


I have had AFettFullofDollars, Fett4real, DarthVoohees (not taking commissions as previously mentioned), and DentedGent all do paint work for me and they all do a fantastic job. Most painters will have threads of their work on here so search a few names mentioned or for something like "Paint Up" and see who's you like best. Be prepared though that a paint job is not cheap.


I believe raizo isn’t taking commissions currently but I would contact him anyway to be sure. He did my armor and is an awesome guy.