Best Helmet To Get?


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Well after browsing around the froum for a while I was wondering, which would be the best for a newbie, that still looks good? I'd prefer a Jango helm, but i've only seen two different ones, the deluxe two piece one and the rubies one. So I'd like some opinions, I saw the rubies boba one thats all wicked deformed looking and was like "no", but they don't have a good view of Jango's so I'm torn between the two piece deluxe and the rubies. [/suckup]Please help ye masters of the Mandalorian armor building![/suckup]

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it will depend greatly on your budget...
Im working on a Jango bucket thats starting to look awesome...
But it wasn't cheap...
Just worth the money and effort..

Whats your budget?



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A mediocre budget $30-$100 US Also is acrylic paint good for painting on them? I got lots of it so I figured I'd ask that too. When spring rolls around I'll be on a higher budget, but that's for later :)

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I personally am not a fan of any of the Rubie's helmets. They are too small and warp very easily. If you have a little extra to spend, there are many good fiberglass Jango helmets out there to get, you just have to know where to find them. Myself, I have a large head, so I had to opt for a MS Helmet and I filled in the dent with Bondo. M_S makes awesome helmets too, the quality is very good.
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I have a 95 DP and it was ok to start with. It was a little small. Get a nice save your money and get a nice fiberglass one. I have a JD helmet and love it.