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Hey there. Apologies of this has been asked and answered but I did a search and couldn't find a good answer.

I'm working on an ESB Boba Fett costume and have started with the helmet.

It's my first big 3D printed project and the one I printed is a hair too small so I'm going to start over once I finish this and make it a display piece.

The helmet I downloaded is from Thingiverse and it looks pretty good... Although the dent is a little weird near the bottom and I feel like the helmet should be flared out a hair more at the bottom. What's the consensus on the best STL file for 3D printing? I picked up a new 3D printer so I can print in one piece (as opposed to in 8 pieces like the one I'm working on now)

Attached are pics of my current WIP.



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I think minutefett has an STL of his ESB lineage helmet. I've toyed with a couple of his other STLs and they seem pretty good. Haven't looked at the lineage one directly but have one of his cast lineage helmets and it's quite good. I think it's $15-30 on ETSY for the STL though...