Best blank Helmet ready for paint


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Can someone point me in the right direction to buy a blank helmet ready for paint that includes visor, stalk and rangfinder.

Bobamaker, MF, VivaFett have some lineage. The most accurate ones are RS and MC, but not available right now.

All of this for ESB/RotJ SE.

I would recommend to use the search bar.
I can absolutely vouch for Boba Maker, Daz is outstanding to deal with and has excellent customer service! I'm a ROTJ Fett myself and have ALL of his armor to include his Helmet and Jetpack!

I'm not sure which version your after, but here is my Boba Maker ROTJ VX Helmet kit as I got it:
BM VX Kit.jpg

I coupled my Boba Maker VX Helmet kit with a wireless servo kit from BH-51512 and both complimented each other very well....
Iron's Range Finder - Gif 1.gif

Iron's Range Finder - Gif 2.gif

Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

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