Belt attachment help....I need some ideas.

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Ok everyone...

Work with me here on this one, I need you all to visulize the two flat pieces of rubbermaid behind these accessories.

Now...on the belt side (underside) of the two flat pieces of rubbermaid is where I`m going to have my problem. How do I attach the squares of rubbermaid to the belt I`m having custom made? I was thinking of plastic belt loops attached to the backs so the belt could loop through them but I`m at a loss on how to attach them. I could use any suggestions you guys have.

<font color="3300CC">I still like some of the suggestions that you got over at OJA, especially the bubble gum one! :lol: :p

<font color="FF333">But seriously, OJB, MMM here of course, had a good suggestion. I guess you'll wait and see what someone comes up with here on this board.
Here's a question that was staring me in the face earlier and I never saw it; Why does it have to be Rubbermaid pieces? Is this the only medium available for this need? Can't you just substitute another, more durable/hefty backing? Seems like it would be easier than trying to overcome the difficulties you seem to be having in trying to make this idea work.

How about nice thick neoprene? Or leather? Or car mats, even?
Here's a few:

Rivet the belt to the rubbermaid pieces. Just hide the rivet behind one of the pouches or odds/ends. And the other end will be flush against you.

Loop/straps. rivet, snap, or glue strips of abs or elastic that you can run the belt through.

Velcro. Using it straight on wouldn't be very strong, but with some ingenuity a strapping could be rigged that would be quite secure.

I vote for the rivets, but I don't know how the pouches/objects are attached to the rubbermaid. If you can pull them up and rivet behind them or pop a few in between the pouches, you're set. It's a permanently secured belt system ;)


Rubbermaid squares are the easiest medium to use for what I need to do.
Now for the rivets, I`ve never worked with them before. So I should go buy a rivet gun?

Yes, I haven't bought one in years and years, but a set, including several different rivet sizes, shouldn't be any more than ten bucks or so I would think.

Drill a hole, put the stem of the pop rivet in the gun, stick the rivet in the drilled hole, squeeze the handle, and bam you're a riveter.
I'll have to go with rivets on this one too. They're as easy to use as stated and strong,I mean they are for use in autobody repair and such!!
<font color="FF6666">Yay! You did get some more responses, Jodo! :) I concur with the rivet idea. I have a lot of experience at a former job with pop rivets, both aluminum and steel. They can be very strong for fastening various types of material together. I've never used them like you want to, though.

I wish I'd checked this thread again, sooner. Did you already buy your rivet gun? How much did you pay for it, if you did?

I recently bought myself a rivet gun. I got it at Walmart and only paid $7 for it. I think they wanted twice as much for one at Lowe's. For a few more bucks I also got a rivet assortment.

Make sure you also get some washers for the rivets, if an assorment you buy doesn't already have some, like mine did. These will make your "connections" strong on both sides, instead of just the side where the flange is. You don't want your rivets pulling out at the wrong time! (I hate when things get pulled out at the wrong time! :facepalm ;) :lol: ) Sometimes I prefer to use just a regular flat washer with the correct sized hole, instead of the rivet washers, because those are made out of aluminum (for those type of rivets) and can be kind of thick and you need a longer rivet when you use them, in some cases.

When I was out shopping with MMM last month, we went to a discount store stupidly called, in my opion, "Big Lots". (I don't know if you have those where you are) There, I spotted 2 different lengths of 1/8" rivets, the size I use most, for only $1 per box of 100! :eek: You can bet I snagged a box if each!

Anyway, happy riveting! Once you have a rivet gun, you'll probably find more uses for it than you thought you would! :p :lol:
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I`m going to go with the whole rivet idea. I`ll let you know how my progress goes when I actually get the pieces ready to go.

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