Beer Fett Custom Mando WIP


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Very Nice ! Arkady did a great job on your suit ! Your helmet is looking good, oh and smile, you got it all going your way girl !!


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Yes, as you mentioned Greg, it will contrast with the flight suit very nicely ! Good color choice !!


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I guess I should post the finished product, huh. Came together pretty well but I'm already working on another set using an airbrush instead of rattle cans. Was super excited to have my sister make me the poncho to pull the whole costume together.

Other components: flight suit from Arkady; gauntlets were a rush order from Etsy due to pre-Celebration costume crunch; small ESB belt, beer holster, and blaster holster from Delta13Mike; stubby EE-3 was from Etsy; DE-10 blaster from Etsy.