BB can you compare new helmet to DP95/96

Lynn TXP 0369

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I don't think BB can, but I can.... here you go... 95 DP white viynl reg.






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It's HUGE, but with my glasses on, I still have to turn my head sideways, put it on, then turn my head back to where it should be. My glasses, as small as they are, don't clear the cheeks. :( It's a small price to pay for such a helmet, though. ;)

I love it anyway!!! It's truly a masterpiece! :D


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Tell me about it! I was wearing THICK rawhide work gloves, and after cutting for about 15 minutes, I took my gloves off and my hands were WHITE! The micronized fiberglass powder somehow went THROUGH my gloves! :eek:

Goggles and a respirator are a MUST, too! :D
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Lynn TXP 0369,
Thanks for the pics!

I saw the pics before, but did't realize that your Jango was a DP.

Thanks again.


I would rather not mess with fiberglass. Are there any ABS, styrene, sintra, etc. buckets around close to the size of this one, or are all the plastic cast/re-casts the size of the DP's?
Please email with any info:


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i dont know of any abs buckets out there at all.

on another note, what are you guys using to cut the fiberglass? dremel? some sort of saw? just curious. i have always worked with plastics before so the fiberglass thing will be all new to me. :D


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The closest you will come to finding a ABS helmet is Altmann's Armour. It is made out of the same plastic that is used in football helmets. It is not the most accurate helmet out there (by far), but it is bigger than the 95-97 DP's.

Goat, I just used a Dremel with cutting wheels to trim mine. I just used good ole' sandpaper & elbow grease to get to the hard-to-reach places.