BatNinja\'s New **IMPROVED** Ammo Belt


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BatNinja's New **IMPROVED** Ammo Belt


I just finished my new, improved ammo belt. I carefully studied the MoM pics, as well as pics from both Chris (TK409) and Reidemiller's designs.

The base wood is cut from a Parsons table leg (it's 1 5/8" square, exactly the size I wanted). Since it's not Balsa wood, the pouches are pretty heavy. If I ever decide to do this again, I'm going to hollow out the blocks to make them lighter.

The vinyl is standard brown, bought from Jo-Ann's Fabrics. I tried to find a slightly darker color, and non-textured, but was unable to. When sewing the pouch flaps, it helped to use a Teflon presser foot on the sewing machine; else the vinyl sticks to the foot, causing the stitches to sew unevenly.




The color isn't that maroon, it is more of a chocolate brown color. I believe it's the same material used in Reid's design. It's hard to find vinyl in the correct color, I think. And yes, I'm still learning with the new digital camera! :)

After I finished, the pouches appear to be too tall. I'm not really sure. The wood blocks are 3 1/4" tall, and with the vinyl, are almost 3 1/2" total. The belt is 2 3/4" wide.

Comments are welcome!

NOTE: I have no intention to mass-produce these. This is simply my own project. I still believe Reidemiller is 'da man' when it comes to these belts!
That is just Awesome Batninja! (y)
We wish we had your skills.
We know you said it is just plain brown vinyl but do you have any more info on what it is like a number? Also, how much did you buy to make everything?

Keep up the Great work man. :)
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Thanks for the comments, gang!

The total parts are two of the shorter (15") Parsons table legs (I used a compound mitre saw to slice them and get the angled tops for the eight boxes), and one yard of brown vinyl (eight box covers, eight flaps, and the main belt). I'll have to look at a scrap piece to get the name.

Other than that, mostly the usual suspects: adhesive spray, hot glue gun, scissors, Goop, thread, Teflon presser foot for the sewing machine. I made all my templates out of posterboard.

This has been one of my favorite Fett projects!
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Hey!!! That looks pretty dang cool bat!!! A job well done!!Now dirty that bad boy up a bit & it will be perfect!!!:)
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Looks Awesome!
I actually buy my vinyl from a local supplier that sells Vinyl for automotive applications. National Upholstery.
I printed out pics of the MOM pouches and took them with me to get as close a color as I could. It's more expensive than Joann's vinyl, but it's thicker and I like the way looks.
Digital cameras, or rather there flash, have a tendency of washing out the color and making them look alot lighter.
Runs through the Sewing machine nicely.
My belts are actually 3" wide, so your pouches aren't too tall ;)
I don't use Balsa wood either. My belts weigh just at 2 lbs.
It's almost Impossible to find vinyl without somekind of texture! I know what you mean there. ;)
Your belt looks Great.
Now you just need to install the Metal Grommets and be done! Except for weathering that is ;)
Let me know if you have any questions.
Robert E.
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BN - Nice looking belt! I worked on mine over the weekend. I did use Balsa wood in mine though, so it turned out fairly light. I used some left over leather to make mine, but I don't have NE one who can sew my stitching in... :(
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Eric, fantastic job!

Now I have a sewing machine, but I didn't know that changing the foot could make the machine able to do hard work, like vinyl.

Other than that, I wish I could have the time and patience you did have for it. Outstanding!

Another thing, I'm planning to use one of the wood blocks and take out the vinyl out of it, so I could replace the wood block with some kind of acrylic, to do a box with the same shape...that way the pouches could be used as "working" ones. I think I'll do that by the time just before Dragon*Con...just let's see what happens.

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I wondered about building the boxes with styrene plastic, that way I could make them functional. However, I thought it would take me forever, so I borrowed a compound mitre saw from someone in my garrison and went the wood route.

Currently, I'm redoing all the wood blocks 3" high instead of 3.25". After the vinyl is applied, I think I'll finally have the height I was after in the first place. More pics to come...

Funny thing is, I've been able to get this down to a science - it takes me about 10 minutes to apply the vinyl to the block, and about 5 minutes to prep and sew each cover. I use hot glue for the initial vinyl, and Goop for the cover (it takes longer to dry).

ForcedTrekker - I highly advise you to buy a sewing machine (new or used) and TEACH YOURSELF! That's what I did a few years ago; now I sew my own vests, jumpsuits, capes, etc. Saves money in the long run, and I use it all the time to do other projects as well, not just Fett.
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I'm a lover, not a umm...not a sew-er? I find working with cloth very irritating. I usually get my mother-in-law to sew my stuff, but her machine just doesn't have enough power to sew into leather.

There is an upholstery shop near me - I am thinking of asking what they might charge me to just add the stitching to it. I mean I have a whole $8 dollars in it, so I was trying to keep it cheap.
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I've updated my ammo belt with better dimensions (I think). The old belt, on the left, has taller pouches. The new one on the right was made with wood blocks measuring 3" tall. After the vinyl was added, the pouches came to about 3 1/4".



Comments are welcome!
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