"... based on original blueprints..." my ass!

His items are full of false statments, He is selling a Tusken rifle that is just an inaccurate for way to much as well, and a batman begins chest emblem, which is cool but only one problem batmn begins doesnt have a chest emblem :lol: its embedded into the armor.
A. The only "blueprints" are that of a real Webley, and
B. That is a poor representation of a Webley.

The most notable innaccuracy is the lack of the MPP flash tube on the barrel tip.
I've Known Webelys, I've handled Webelys, Hell, I own a couple..... that my friends is a piece of @#$%*&@! And a bad piece of it to bat! Wait, let me pull myself off the floor, I can't stop laughing...... still laughing.... wait, wait........no, still laughing....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd! OK I'm done :p
I just wrote him saying IF He doesnt rewrite that I'm turning it into eBay. That IS NOT anything close to the webley in the Empire Strikes Back. I hate people that try to pawn there to bit crap as a real deal, after careful thinking I have decided He has pissed me off.
Usually, when I wake up on Monday mornings, I'm in a bad mood to begin with, and seeing this auction sent me over the top. I just sent this to the seller:

"You might want to reword your auction, as there are no 'original bluprints' to the Fett rifle. The original prop was built around a vintage Webley & Scott flare gun, it was not designed specifically for the films. In no way does the 'prop' you're trying to offload resemble the flare gun, or any screen-used Fett rifle. Any true movie prop collector knows this, and you should be ashamed for trying to sell this 'prop' for so much money. Far better, more accurate kits are available for less than a quarter of what you're asking. Good luck on your auction, but if anyone bids or wins this, then it shows that they know less about this particular prop than you do."

I'll let you know if I get a response. :)
I've just seen this right below his item on ebay

removed link

kind of makes his look even worse if that's possible
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For a $2889 BIN price it should be constructed from all real parts and a real original blued Webley!! It miiight fetch such a price IFFF all those parts were original.:facepalm

Yeah,...this made my Monday:lol:

he responded to my question:

Dear erganomulos,

You asked:
"lol... 'from actual blueprints' what a load man... if you look at pictures from the movies, you will notice that your gun does not look like the gun used by Boba. actual blueprints... ha!"

His response:
As you might know there is not just one gun that used in all of the starwars films and yes they are from the actual blueprints so I guess its lol on you.

also, look at the other crap this guy is selling... that modern art looks more like crap art, and only if you replace "art" with "hole"... so, yes, it's a crap hole.

edit: I'm a terrible speller (my girlfriend helped me spell "terrible") (y)
I just noticed this seller also changed his user ID in the last 30 days. He may have had some rough feedback and is trying to start over...
Me- Hello, there was a recent flux of halfbaked props circulatiing around eBay, This is not a good thing and I have recently came around your auction and in the interest of the prop and costuming community I must take action so that noone will be scamed by a false representation of a product you claim to be a real Webley and scott flare gun, from its original blue prints? No such thing.

I suggest you reword your auction or eBay will be informed, and trust me You wont win.

No answer.
... very impressive piece?!?:confused who does this guy think he is?:angry its looks like a lego gun made with pieces of wood you could find laying on the ground! blueprints? probably self drawn. no way that gun is worth the price he's selling it for. i feel sorry for any one who wants to buy this piece of crap!
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