Was wondering if you guys typically wear them under your buckets.
I've seen some images on google where some folks wear them, some don't, and I've never seen a listing in the cargo hold for anyone selling them so I was curious as to if anyone wears them to keep their jaws and upper neck from being visible to folks that are short and have a view slightly up into the helmet.

I was considering getting one, just a light grey balaclava, but haven't really seen or heard any mention of face coverings in here.

Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated as the event I'm trooping at is in 1.5 weeks :)

Muchos Gracias Fetts.


I personally like them as it hides your chin and if you have facial hair.

I guess it really just depends on preference. They will fog up the bucket pretty good so I do recommend getting fans and having at least 1 fan hitting the visor to clear it. You could try anti fog spray but I feel the fan is the best bet.


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I have no neck. I wear it for the reasons you mention. Also, my chin cup is way too conspicuous, so I pull the balaclava over the chin cup. I don't know if anyone else does that.


it's unavoidable tbh , firsty for screen accuracy and secondly to stop small people looking upwards and seeing the person wearing the helmet and confusing the illusion of the character. Most garrisons will require it to be worn.
it gets a little hot but you get used to heat exhaustion, cooling fans help as does the odd cool draught.


Thanks guys. Ordered a thin light grey lycra balaclava on ebay that goes up your chin but stops at your lip and has a big opening for the front of your face.

I still need to put the electronics in the helmet, but right now I’m trying to get the “quality jetpack harness” on right and all the straps put on properly. Having a rough time finding a thread with a walkthrough on how to install it properly. Using the search feature for searches on putting it together (primarily the white straps) is annoying thusfar. Trying to resort to youtube for help is more-so.