Back of the ROTJ helmet


Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a good quality picture of the back of the ROTJ helmet, mainly the the groove where the circuit board is.
hey sorry to bring up an older topic, but I have exactly the same request.

I've seen the reference pics on the TDH image gallery, but none of those pics show the "right- backside of the helmet (the green section on the right side of the keyslots).

also, has anyone got the right side of the left shoulder piece (bantha skull piece) on a picture? the cape is blocking it in both MoM and AoSW pics.


PM or mail if you got any good big pics... but I think posting it on the board would help alot more members.
This is all I could find.


thnx people, but I need a pic of the other side... I'll post a pic of the ESB angle only then ofcourse I need it ROTJ like...
The reason noone has the other side is becuase the display case is long and you cannot get around to that side of it.
hmm... any movie stills or posters or whatever then?? even a replica by someone who did have a pic of that side and used it on his helmet?

I saw Marrow Sun's ROTJ helmet, so I suppose he either had some sort of pic or toke some artistique liberties...
Here's a pic of the Back Right side of the RotJ helmet. This is one I painted for Shortimer 52. I used pics of FettPride's RotJ bucket as a guide. You might want to check out his website. His pic's are alot as you know, there's ILM and then there's FettPride. :eek:

Grant's Pics 089.jpg
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:D thnx man!! that is very helpful indeed! a believeable weathering scheme if I ever saw one!!

I'll also check FP's site, thnx so much!
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