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Can someone clarify for me the colors used in the back of the ESB helmet? Is there a layer of a yellowish cream color? I have seen a few paint jobs where this looks to be the case. Aslo, is that just a misting of blue over the green on the main part of the back?
All poly scale.

Euro Green

Bar Blue

Brunswick Green

The closest thing I have found in a spray can is

Hunter Green.

Midnight Blue

Sage Green

I color called Woven Tapesty is close the the yellow imo but its some sort of egg color.
Fettish Attack said:
cal196 are all 3 used or just the one ?

All three colors are used for the one application I believe. The yellowish is put down first then masked, then the hunter green -brunswick- then its misted with the blue and the sage-euro green- color to even the tone out I guess, I havent done it yet but have all the paints. Once that is all done you can lift the liquid masking from the yellow and start the long process of battle damaging with a brush.
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